Happy New Year’s Eve!

No doubt I’ll be snoozing when the ball drops. When I was talking to my daughter today, she said she’d have to be back on track by Tuesday. She’s planning to be in bed far before midnight, too. It’ll be back to the salt mines for me, as well.

I forgot to measure this morning. I didn’t do it last week, either. Maybe I won’t do it weekly any more. Seems to be a little redundant these days. It’s usually the same or up or down a fraction. I was up a pound from last week. 117. I don’t know if that’s salt, thyroid, or a combination of the two. Or maybe I’ve been eating more fat and that translates into weight gain. Whatever. Some fluctuation isn’t unusual.

I did all of my exercises. Before my two weeks at home, I was up to holding a pushup for a full minute. After a week at home, I was down to 30 seconds. Today I was up to 50 seconds. Maybe I can get back to the minute soon.

Twinkle’s food should be here before she runs out. I bagged what she has left of her raw food into meal-sized portions and put the snack baggies into a larger one and sealed it up. Hopefully, that will keep it from being freezer burned. She has enough for six days.

Breakfast was 28 ozzies of OJ. Wish I had some now but I’ll live. I had a five banana/over a cup of blueberries/lots of romaine and other lettuces smoothie. Then I had a young coconut (and this one was very young) and some kim chee.

My DIL called just as I was getting ready to go to Wally World. We talked for a few minutes and then I got ready and left. The weather was nasty, rainy and foggy. I guess it still is to some extent. It had slacked off by the time I parked. I got the things I needed (I shopped the produce and toilet paper aisles a la the Raw Foodist page) and came on home. When I got to the top of the mountain, the sky opened up and the rain came down in buckets. By the time I got home, it had almost stopped. I got some persimmons and coconut out of the fridge, came on and unloaded, and it opened up again. I was glad it waited until I was in the house for good.

I had a couple of persimmons and checked my computer. I saw that my daughter had called so I called her back. My SIL answered and said he’d have her call me. They have VoIP at a flat rate. She called and we talked for about 20 minutes. I asked her to send me the recipe for stuffed mushrooms so I can have them to celebrate the New Year. I’ll post my version of it if it turns out well.

After we hung up, I had a third persimmon, then a durian! pod that was hanging out in the freezer. It was yummy! Still not as good as the first one but good. I’d gotten some kiwifruit. I had one from Wally World and one from ALDI. The ALDI one had more flavor. I fixed a couple of tomatoes and had them with Tajin. It was salad time. I had a small one with cashew dressing. I couldn’t finish it. I hated throwing away the dressing, too, so I drained it off into a small container and put it in the fridge. Maybe it will had enough lemon and salt to keep it from going bad with the enzymes from my saliva. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

My Windows firewall won’t activate and Norton was wanting me to subscribe. I’ve been downloading a complete suite of anti this and that from Comodo this afternoon. So far, so good. I sent my sister the info, too, since she is looking for something that will fit her budget.

I just heard the clock chime 10. I’m sleepy. Think I’ll call it a night. Happy pre-New Year!

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