It’s been Raw Food Pigout Day.

Today was vision therapy day but I never got around to doing it. No exercise, either. Just lazy, lazy.

It was a cold, wintry morning. There was ice in the compost bucket that was outside the front door.

The Couple got up and we had OJ (and lots of it) for breakfast. I fixed a couple of quarts of blueberry/banana smoothie. My SIL approved and drank a couple of glasses. My daughter had one glass full and I had a little more than two. We were drinking them about 9 am and I had a teary moment when I remembered that two years ago at that time, my sister, her husband, and I were making arrangements for Mother to be taken to the funeral home. Bless her heart!

The car was loaded and, at about 10:45, Twinkle and I were the only ones left in the house. I’d fixed them a raw food lunch of Mock Salmon Pate, cucumber, celery, and carrot sticks, pecans from Sunnyland Farms, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, with a citrus peeler, apples, napkins, and paper towels. I’m sure they will get something else to eat. I’m afraid they went hungry while they were here. My daughter lost a pound. I don’t know if my SIL lost anything. They had a hard time eating the amount of raw food they needed to.

I consoled myself with some kim chee. Next, it was young coconut. My SIL had shown me how to cut kiwi fruit in two, then squirt them into his mouth. I had three that way. Pretty slick. I haven’t been having enough greens so I made a banana/Boston lettuce/sprinkle of cloves smoothie.

I’m trying to keep up the Fruit Fly/Gnat War so I made a trap and took pictures. If it works, I’ll post them and the directions. Anyone who wants to can make their own.

The pummelo wasn’t getting any younger. I cut it up and ate it. It was okay but I think I like grapefruit just as well.

It was time to un-decorate the house. I got everything off the tree, packed up, and stored. Except for the Santa that stays on the front door, there’s no evidence of Christmas around.

My daughter had found some Tajin for me on the way in. I hadn’t opened it yet so I fixed some tomatoes. I don’t know if it actually doesn’t taste the same or if I’ve been without it so long that my tastebuds have forgotten. I had a sapote. It had three big seeds which was surprising.

There was some spinach pesto left over from the stuffed mushrooms. I had it and some “slaw” with some of Matt’s Dip. Then I ate a couple of small potatoes and a few pecans. I’m good for the night.

Other than keeping up my end of the bargain with the Christmas stuff, washing dishes, and battling fruit flies, I’ve done little else. My daughter called and let me know they were in Hagerstown, MD, and were looking for a room with Internet access. They had a reservation but the motel wasn’t equipped. I don’t blame ’em. I’d want it, too.

Well, folks, I’m going to bed. I have tomorrow off, for sure, and maybe Friday, too. If everything goes the way it should, I won’t be back at it until Tuesday. Good night!

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  1. Lisa Oliver December 28, 2006 at 11:31 am #

    Hi Tommie,

    I just want to tell you that I have been reading your blog the last couple of days, trying to read them for all of 2005 & 2006. I find them very inspirational. The way that the blog is set up and your website is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I am new to eating Raw, not new to the movement but new to doing it for more than a day. I am highly addicted to cooked food and junk food as I am 5’2 and weigh 400 pounds. Anyway, I am attracted to what you eat. I like the fact that you pretty much eat simply w/out fancy gourmet recipe’s. I for one cannot cook and hate to prepare foods, I eat mostly take out and things prepackaged that I can just microwave. When I learned about raw foods I was discouraged because the recipe’s were too complicated. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration and I will be reading your blog regularly from now on. Thanks!!

  2. Tommie December 28, 2006 at 11:52 am #

    Lisa, your comment is so encouraging! My SIL installed a filter that catches the spam comments and I was left with nothing until yours came along. I can tell from the counter that people are clicking on my blog but, unless someone like you says something, I don’t know what they are thinking, if they are reading, or if they looked and thought, “That’s not what I wanted!”. I have my SIL to thank for the format, too. He had a hard time convincing me that this would be a better way to go but I’m glad I listened to him.

    If you can maintain raw (optimal raw–not “Atkins” raw) for a week or two, you’ll want to start exercising. Be sure to get enough calories. It’s a real switch to have to do that instead of finding ways to “cut back”. I went the gourmet route a few times and still eat heavier food on occasion but not often. It’s not something I could keep up indefinitely but I feel I can eat optimally for the rest of my life.

    Take some pictures and keep a history of yourself as you start on your journey. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had. I didn’t take pictures that first month. I had pictures from the month before so it was no biggie but I think it would be nice to have them from June 2005, too.

    Good luck and keep in touch!

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