This is my 18th month anniversary!

My SIL has taken pictures of me, my daughter and me, all three of us, three of us with Twinkle, himself and my daughter, and Twinkle by herself. We’ll gettem up. Maybe not tonight but they’ll be displayed.

The Plethora of Fruit Flies has brought out the “hunter/gatherer” in my SIL. He is bent on finding a way to do them irreparable harm or trap them and release them in the wild. He’s made several traps (and they all seem to be working to one extent or another) and he put a paper towel with mango essence on it in the microwave. When he had a goodly number in there, he closed the door, turned it on, and they perished. I feel kinda sorry for them but they’ve done what comes naturally and invaded where there’s good raw food. When we find the right combination that works the best, I’ll post it.

It’s been a busy day. I got up and did all of my exercises except for the NT. I rationalized not doing that by thinking that it would wake the Couple. I’m surprised that my deep breathing didn’t rouse them.

When they did get up, I made enough OJ to satisfy all of us. It was a dozen or so 56 count. I finished it off so I had the lion’s share. Then we had a couple of quarts of banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie. With good mangos, it can be quite delicious but these mangos weren’t even passable. I didn’t get any today in my shopping.

We were going to have some durian but it got so late that we decided to have it when we got home. It was about 11:45 when we hit the road. I’d called the roadside stand where I get oranges in the winter and they still had the box of 64 count. We stopped by there and picked them up. My SIL was driving and I was giving directions (if I could remember to) from the back seat. I was a genuine back seat driver today.

On the way to the Asian market, we stopped by the cemetery and paid our respects to Mother. We took a little time to wander around and they met relatives they didn’t know they had.

When we got to the Asian market, it was closed. I had asked several times if they were going to be open today and had been assured they would be. I still have some coconut so we can go on Tuesday to pick up the order. We were going to the organic grocery, anyway, so it was no biggie but it did bug me a bit.

There were a lot of people in the organic grocery. The store impressed my daughter and SIL. I’d taken my Awesome tote for my purchases. I need to get another one. The woman in front of us said, “I never saw one like that!” I thought no wonder. It’s the only one in existence at the moment! I asked if they’ll reuse their bags and they said yes. I have quite a few I’ll take the next time I go.

It was on to the supermarket where we got a few things. When we got back in the car, we each had a banana (I thought) on the way to ALDI. Turns out my SIL waited until we were parked there to eat the rest of his.

I’d taken my big ALDI bag (I need to get a third tote for shopping there since you have to buy a bag or take one in) and it was full to overflowing and then some. I had another banana but the others didn’t.

From there, it was to Wally World. I ran into one of my friends. She was worn out. It reminded me of me a couple of years ago. She’s under a lot of stress right now. This is the first Christmas without her mother and that’s hard. This is the second one for me and my sisters.

It was home, James. We got unloaded and put away most of the things. I had a quart of banana smoothie with cinnamon but my children were banana-ed out. I needed the calories. I weighed 116.6 yesterday and 115.6 today. My daughter is around 109-110 and doesn’t look too thin but she isn’t 62 years old, either.

We got busy and made a big salad. My SIL had been craving salad all day. All three of us pitched in and it was ready in short order. My SIL made his version of his dip/dressing and it is delicious. He “stretched” the cashews with walnuts and added some apple cider vinegar. I tried not to eat too much but I’m afraid I overdid it. I couldn’t finish my salad (we had some salsa, too, and they sampled all three kinds of kim chee/kim chi) or my salsa. They want to try making kim chee.

My neighbor had invited us to their family gathering so we put in an appearance for a little while. They have a pellet stove and my SIL was interested in it. It surely made the house warm but there were lots of people in the living room, too.

We came back and I made some Cranberry Orange Relish with a couple of twists. I put the options on the recipe page. I need to index it so they will be easier to find. Someday!

I was so full (and the others were, too) that the durian has been put off until tomorrow. We need to do away with the pitaya, too. Plus I have some longan. So much food to try! So little time!

It’s half an hour past my bedtime. I’d better quit this and go get to bed. Merry Christmas Eve!

2 Responses to This is my 18th month anniversary!

  1. Stephanie March 25, 2007 at 7:18 pm #

    Thanks for your blog. Found you a while ago (this time last year?) and never said thanks. Was wondering how you’ve been and was delighted to see you’re still going strong. You said that Son-in-Law took more pics of you end of 2006, but I see no new pictures since Halloween 2006. Hope to see some new photos soon. Thanks again for all the information.


  2. Tommie March 25, 2007 at 9:40 pm #

    I appreciate your comment, Stephanie! And you’re welcome. I have just never gotten that round tuit that’s so elusive. I had about run myself into the ground before they got here. I’ll post the pictures of me with the family but not the durings. They are only too awful. As bad as some have been, they are enough worse that even I can’t let myself put them out for people to see! I’m glad you are finding my posts informative. You should check out for some real info.

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