I’m not sure I can write much tonight.

At 9, I was going to sit down and catch my breath but I realized I still needed to unpack the boxes of fruit from cherimoya.com and let Dario know if they were correct. Turns out they were all persimmons (and lemons) and I was supposed to have some sapote, too. He’ll make it right. He’s good to do that. And I’ll live without the sapote for a few days. After that, I may have to be put on life support. NOT!

I got up in time to do all of my exercises except for the last ones on the machines. Breakfast was OJ and a four banana/romaine smoothie. I was going to wash some spinach and have it instead but I didn’t find it until it was too late. It probably got me to work on time. It takes longer to clean the spinach.

It was not only cold today–it was snowing. I didn’t attempt to go out and walk. At one point, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in a very short amount of time. I don’t remember for sure but I think it was an hour.

I filled in for the bank/post office person this morning. I stopped and got some bananas, mangos (!), and oranges. The oranges were for the office staff. I had one when I got back. It had a good flavor but it wasn’t too sweet.

Lunch was a four banana/most of two pears/romaine smoothie and a persimmon. Inevitably, someone thinks the persimmon is a tomato.

I set out to do my grocery shopping after lunch. It was snowing so hard when I got to the top of the mountain that I almost chucked my plans. I thought about just going home but I knew it wasn’t supposed to last long, too. Not that the Weather Guessers get it right a whole lot. I persevered and went on. I stopped by the cemetery and it was pretty with the snow peppering down.

The date for the department head Christmas party was finally set. I hadn’t gotten my gift for it yet and there is one place I always head just for that-Marshalls. They have the neatest things for a price that won’t break the budget. I was looking at the snowmen and accidentally pulled the arm off one of them. It made me feel really bad. I saw one of the staff on my way to the checkout so I told him, “I wounded one of the snowmen.” He asked me if I still wanted to buy it. It was one of the big ones that I knew would cost too much so I let him know I’d just been looking and no, I didn’t want to buy it. I told him where it was and apologized. He said, “That’s okay. I’ll get it and put it on the damaged shelf and mark it down. You’re fine.” I still felt bad but better. I could have let it go and no one would have been the wiser but I would have known.

After I got my shopping done, I headed home. I’d stopped by a new Wally World that I’d never been to before on the way in so I didn’t stop coming back. I got the fruit I needed at the supermarket close to the Asian market. The fellow at the organic grocery said I needed to get home, bundle up, and eat some comfort food. I would have settled for a banana at that point but I couldn’t get to them.

It was dark dark by the time I got here. The phone was ringing when I came in the door and it was a telemarketer. I got rid of him and went out to get a load of things. When I came in, the phone was ringing again. I thought, of all the nerve! He was calling back! I picked up the phone and yelled, “Allo! Allo!” A male voice said, “Turn your TV down!” I said “WHAT???” He repeated, “Turn your TV down!” I said, not nicely, “WHO IS THIS?” The voice said, “It’s your son and daughter.” Well! My oldest had called my daughter on Skype and then called me for a three-way conversation. The car was still full of stuff and the temperature was 19 degrees. I had to tell him I’d need to unload and it would take me awhile. He figured I cared more about that than I did them but he wasn’t going to freeze and my organic produce was. They gave me a few minutes and then called back. That gave me time to get everything in, jump into my grubbies, and grab a coconut. I was famished by that time. I got the hole knocked in the top and drank the water before I got on the phone again. We had a good conversation, though it was shorter than I thought it would be. He’d had a procedure done on his eye today and I think he was pretty tired. There had been an equipment malfunction that had delayed everything by several hours. We did most of the talking and my daughter listened a lot.

After we hung up, I had four tomatoes with Tajin. I’d planned on a salad with one of them but I didn’t have time. I finished off with some broccoli/cauliflower slaw and a few bites of kim chee. As it was, it was 9 when I got through eating. And now I’m sitting here yawning.

One more thing–Chris of clayjunky fame got me in trouble! It was all because of the spinach comment. The organic grocery had Newman’s Own pre-washed baby spinach in a pound bag. It was more (I won’t say how much more) than it is at Sam’s but I would have burned up that much fuel getting there. I figured it would help out on busy mornings so I got it.

I just got an e-mail from my oldest sister. She said she was looking forward to crawling into her nice, warm bed. So am I! Not hers, but mine! Looks like I have the whole family beat with the low temperature. It’s 14.5 now. My sisters in NC are close to that, too. I have locations for everyone on WeatherBug, though some of them are miles away from their homes. That could make it vary a lot. Anyway, I have an idea and that’s better than nothing.

I’ve got to get to bed! Good night!

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  1. Ciera December 9, 2006 at 4:02 pm #

    Hi Tommie,
    As always, I love reading your blog.
    I just wanted to tell you that, after reading of your high praise for cherimoya.com, I too ordered from them, and am quite impressed at their service and fruits. As it so happened, one of the ordered boxes did not show up, but after contacting Dario, I was sent a replacement box right away. Thanks for recommending them! I’m sure I’ll be ordering from there again.

  2. Tommie December 9, 2006 at 9:32 pm #

    Thanks, Ciera!

    Dario is great! Bless his heart, his righthand man was away from work with his ailing father and Dario had all of the packing and shipping to do. I don’t know if he’s still doing it or not but I could tell a difference. Not bad but just not as uniformly packed as usual. I’m still waiting for my sapote. Since it’s available 10 months out of the year, I’m not stressed but I do hope it comes in soon. The fruit is reasonably priced and the quality is great! And I couldn’t hope for better service.

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