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I’ve made it through December 2005!

I have my pictures all transferred through the end of the year. It’s still “Onward, through the fog!” I finally heard from my sister and my forum friend and they are all okay. Lots of rain but no problems otherwise. My forum friend said that if their house slid, it would just go into the […]

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I would have made my mother proud.

I exercised my right as a U.S. citizen and voted before I went to work. Before that, though, I’d exercised for 20 minutes or so, and made a three banana/large chunk of peaches smoothie to take with me. I’d left home 25 minutes early and wanted to get on my way sooner than that. I’d […]

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It’s been Sunday all day long.

I’ve been pretty busy all day and when I did sit down I haven’t gotten what I wanted to get done, done. Piddle piddle. That’s what I do best. Hours of sleep last night could have been something like nine but I had a hard time drifting off. I dozed for a long time and […]

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