Twinkle is lurking, wanting me to go feed her.

I’ll make this short tonight. I need to get to bed soon.

My feet were toasty last night. I put the booties on after I hit the hay but I had to take them off after awhile. I left them in the bed this morning when I made it up so they should be nice and warm.

I was up in time to do all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of four bananas, a mango, and spinach.

The weather was overcast and windy but it was almost balmy. I went out for my three laps.

Lunch was two Clementines and a four banana/huge pear/romaine smoothie. I’d taken a couple of persimmons, too, but I didn’t have time to eat them.

As soon as lunch was over, I cut out and went to buy groceries. If I’d stayed, I would have been overstaffed and I needed the time for shopping.

I went by the cemetery and checked on Mother. It looked like it had been mowed fairly recently.

The nice lady was back at the Asian market. I commented that I had missed her. She wasn’t her usual smiling self. She told me that she had been to California to see her 88 year old mother who had passed away the day after she got there. She said she hadn’t been active for a long time and she felt that’s why she didn’t live longer. Her mother’s sister is the older lady who works in the store and she seems very spry.

One of my purchases today is a T-shirt that has “Durian Republic” on it and a stylized picture of the fruit. It’s a medium. It looks plenty big enough–maybe too big. That’s okay.

I went on to the organic grocery and got almost everything I needed there and then I doubled back to the supermarket where I bought nothing. They had hot kim chee. I picked the jar up and read the ingredients. It was sticky like it was leaking. Two of the ingredients were shrimp and anchovies. I put it back post haste. I tried washing my hands under the dripping nozzles that periodically spray the produce. That got the sticky off but not all the stink. I couldn’t think about going to the car without washing my hands. I made a trip to the bathroom for just that purpose and then got myself on up the road. I ate a couple of bananas on the way.

My next stop was Wally World and then another supermarket, then home.

I was loading the fridge when my neighbor came over. She said she had pulled the fridge out and found out why the freezer wasn’t working and fixed it. The coils were iced over. Right now, it’s freezing but I’m not going to put anything in that compartment until I’m sure. She said to let her know if I have any more problems with it.

After I got everything unloaded, I had a coconut, then some kim chee and kim chi. four tomatoes with Tajin, a potato, and a persimmon. I probably should have eaten things in a different order but I didn’t.

I don’t know if I put the parsley and cilantro in the other fridge or not but I haven’t located them here in the house. I trust they are there. If they aren’t, I’m not going to drive all that way to get them!

And now it’s time for bed. Good night, all!

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  1. imee April 4, 2007 at 5:51 am #

    hi! where did you buy your DURIAN T-SHIRT? can you email me the company tag? i need to get in touch with the suppliers.

    many thanks,

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