My persimmons and pitaya came today!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning, which, for this blog, is last night. I got to bed late–again.

I was able to get in all my exercises this morning except for the HR and NT. Breakfast was OJ and a HUGE three banana/lots of cherries/red leaf lettuce smoothie.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I went a’walking. I was wearing a shirt with short sleeves and was perfectly comfortable.

The morning was pretty busy and had flown by before I knew it. I’d taken three Clementines for my snack but I didn’t get around to eating them until lunch. I had a picnic outside on the patio in front of the nursing home. The other part of my lunch was a four banana/spinach smoothie. I’d taken a pear to put in it but I didn’t have time to fix it. The sun felt so good!

Mid-afternoon, I did another three laps. It was cooling off and there was a slight wind blowing. It wasn’t as nice as earlier but the warm days are going to be fewer and farther between. I am on the last CD of the Perfect Health Program. I may start over again. It’s really good and not just for raw fooders, as Dr. D. calls them/us.

The bank/post office person had told me I had some boxes to pick up so I left work a few minutes early. It took several trips to get them to the car. Some of the boxes looked a little worse for wear but none had popped open or anything. I got them home and unloaded after I’d stopped and snagged a coconut and some romaine.

Before I opened the boxes, I had the other white sapote, the coconut, and some kim chee I’d brought home from work. I was looking around and saw that I was down to one lemon and thought I needed to get some more. I got my trusty knife and carefully cut the tape on the first box from Here’s what I found:


Instead of the usual shredded material, the packing was lemons! And those greenish ones may be limes–or they could be lemons, too! When I got them all unpacked, here’s how many I have!


The box was full and I had a hard time keeping the lemons stacked so I could take the picture.

The only real fatality was a pitaya. I was able to salvage part of it. A lemon had been mashed into it. It was the first red fleshed one I’ve had:


It was very juicy and good! I had one of the persimmons that had gotten attacked by a lemon, too. Those were the only pieces of fruit that were damaged.

Then it was tomato time–four tomatoes. I had Tajin on them. I’d found it sitting on my desk at work. I figured that’s where it was but it’s here now!

So…that’s been my day. Tomorrow, I’ll take lemons to work to share. I’ll give some to the neighbors. And I won’t have to buy any for a day or two. 🙂 Good night!

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