Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

I’m home today and haven’t even exercised yet. I wanted to get on here and relate a couple of things from yesterday that I forgot.

When I got to the Asian market, the older lady excitedly motioned me to the back of the store. She doesn’t speak much English but I could tell she was psyched about something. She opened the freezer section to one of the refrigerators and pulled out-a container of frozen seedless durian pods! They are in a plastic box, nicely wrapped and labeled. The container was $4.99. I got two. She smiled and, by motions and a few words, let me know that some people bought five. I figure I can have some today, some for later, and some when my daughter and SIL are here.

A truck was there, unloading, and it was pretty much chaos. The little girl (probably 10 years old) was beginning to check me out. The older lady came and put in the items the little girl needed help with. Finally, the lady picked up the walkie-talkie and radioed for assistance. I had an order for someone besides me, too, so the man came and got that together for me. When I handed her the check for that, she stamped it and handed it back to me. Now, some places, that would be the order of business but not there. She took the register receipt and started to put it in the drawer and realized her mistake. I gave her the check back. She was flustered but smiled. She patted my arm and said, “You good people.” I’d like to think so.

One more thing I didn’t include in my day’s intake was a banana I ate on the way to Wally World. It was pretty big and kept me going until I got home.

And now, here’s my greeting to you! Click here and, if you are on dialup like I am, be patient! Go make a green smoothie or something and it will be loaded when you come back.

I’ll post, as usual, tonight.

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