This is the worst night of the week for me to be running late.

Tomorrow is class. I’ll have to be up and on the road an hour early.

I was in bed before 10 again last night! I’m so proud of me!

Since I’d had avocado for supper, it was kind of like a sleeping pill–a big one, for sure. I got up just a little too late to do anything but BodyFlex. When I looked at the thermometer, it was 24 outside. Frosty!

Breakfast was OJ and a four banana/6 ozzies blueberries/romaine lettuce smoothie.

I was running on fumes but I went out and started the car so the ice could melt off. I was ready to go and out the door so I could fill the tank on the way to work. The owner of the station I frequent has pneumonia for the second time this year. That’s bad.

Wuss struck again. It was too cold to get out and walk.

I had three Clementines for my break. Lunch was an Asian pear and a four banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie. While we were eating, one of the girls was telling about someone bringing in a haunch (or some such part) of venison yesterday. She said she couldn’t touch it to clean it but she ate it. I think she took my questioning look as one of horror because she said, “I’m making Tommie sick!” I said no, that it blew my mind that she couldn’t touch the meat to clean it but she could put it in her mouth,chew it up, and make it part of herself. One of the nurses cackled and said, “Not for long!” I don’t know why they think something goes in and runs right through unless it really does. Maybe it gives them diarrhea. I have an idea that it does something whether it’s good or bad. I wouldn’t want to eat a dead deer body, myself. Or dead chicken, turkey, pig, cow, rabbit, whatever. They lick their lips and smack and make all sorts of disgusting noises that are supposed to indicate relish. Aye law! I just feel sorry for the poor animals that are their victims.

My afternoon snack was three kiwifruit. They were okay but not overly delicious.

When I got home, I fixed a couple of tomatoes with Tajin because I was HUNGRY! Then I made a big bowl of salsa with cucumber and avocado. I’d had two green smoothies so I didn’t fix a salad. That’s been it for today.

In case someone is prompted to leave a comment, it will take awhile for it to show up. I’ve stopped the e-mail notifications because my blog is being spammed with junk comments. I’ve had a bunch every day for about a week and a half now and it’s getting old. I check my blog for comments and I haven’t had any to approve for a long time. I mark ’em all as spam and they get deleted. So…if anyone is reading this that wants to let me know, leave me a valid comment! I’m beginning to think it’s just people trying to sell something (Viagra, etc.) that are paying any attention.

It’s getting late enough that I need to be in bed! Good night!

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