I turned off my light at 9:50 last night!

And I’ve Gotten Things Accomplished today since I didn’t go anywhere.

I didn’t get up very early but it was earlier than I usually do on Sunday. Guess that was because I got to bed at a reasonable hour.

I measured and I’ve lost another inch from the waist up. It was fractions here and there. I’m going to change my official weight day to Sabbath because I tend to have my heavier meals that day and that skews the numbers on Sunday. I was at 115 yesterday.

Exercises included everything! If I get to bed fairly early tonight, maybe I can repeat that.

Breakfast was OJ and then a three banana/curly leaf lettuce smoothie.

Later, I had more OJ and then half the large pitaya/dragon fruit. I had three tomatoes with Tajin. The last three baby bananas needed to be put out of their misery so I ate them. They were almost like candy. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!

Off and on, I was working on the house and computing. I’d told a friend yesterday that I wouldn’t be leaving the house today unless it was on fire.

I talked to my daughter for a little over an hour. She must have a Mole in the office because I’d been talking about sleeping arrangements while they’re here for Christmas. I’d said they could sleep in my bed and I’d sleep in her old room. She informed me that they wouldn’t take my bed. They’ll bring a futon-type chair that one of them can sleep on and the other one can sleep in the bed. We went back and forth and I finally gave in like a good mother should. So that’s settled. I also told her if I didn’t get this house in shape, they would have to sleep in the car and pee behind a tree. I’ve spent far too long on getting things updated online and not enough time keeping things going here. I’ll have to change my focus.

I had the Food Network on for noise and they were talking about potatoes. I had the other organic one and it was delicious. I’ve always liked raw potatoes but I had no idea that organic potatoes would have so much more flavor than the commercially grown ones.

Later on, I ate two bananas and then I fixed an OJ/peach smoothie. Much later, I had three more tomatoes with Tajin. Oh, I transferred the kim chee to jars and I ate some of it, too. I have a little jelly jar full to take to work tomorrow.

My daughter was asking me about my plans for Thanksgiving. I told her I’d be staying home and cleaning house. She was concerned that I won’t have something special to eat. I’ll have to think up something but I don’t really like any of the richer dishes. I might buy a Larabar since it has kind of Thanksgiving-y flavors. I could make some “ice cream” with a frozen banana and my Champion juicer. I don’t know. We’ll see. I have to work Friday so it seems pointless to try to go anywhere and I need the time at home, anyway.

Time marches on and I need to get to bed.

Good night!

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