I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow night when I start to blog.

I’ve finished updating all the pictures and I even have a recipe page with most of the recipes I’ve tried while I’ve been eating raw food. As you can see, I haven’t eaten much that has a lot of preparation. I tend to like simpler food. And a large part of what resulted from fixing the recipes went onto the compost pile the first time and they were never repeated. If you want to do a search and find the ones that met with appreciation, you can. Otherwise, I’ll let you be the judge if you get ambitious and try them. I’ll be adding more if I can find them. And when I try something new, it will go directly on the page and not show up on the blog, itself. Aren’t we fancy? And they are, more or less, in the order I’ve tried/created them. Not alphabetical or in categories. Oh, and if anyone knows how to get to Alissa Cohen’s Carrot Pecan Burgers, that’s one I’m missing. It was on Green Chefs but I can’t find it anywhere. You’d think they’d have archives for the older recipes but they must not.

So…now to other things. I made it to bed last night at 9:25, which I won’t tonight.

I slept as long as I wanted to this morning. Breakfast was an OJ/strawberry/red leaf lettuce smoothie. I held out some of the OJ/strawberry blend before I put in the lettuce. When I went to the other fridge to get the berries, I discovered that they were thawing. I’ve since moved all the frozen stuff in to my fridge in the kitchen.

When we got out of church, it was into beautiful sunshine! It’s been pretty overcast and yucky for the past few days so it was nice to see it.

I got home and called my friend in the nursing home to see how she was doing. She said she’d been trying to call to let me know not to come today. She still doesn’t feel good.

I sampled the kim chee (both batches) and then had the other half of a dragon fruit (aka pitaya). I forgot to report that I’d eaten the first half yesterday. It was the best one I’ve had and it came from cherimoya.com. It was about 2/3 the size of the bigger one that’s left. Then I had four Thai bananas. I made some salsa (I’ll post that recipe tomorrow) followed by some OJ. It was sooooooooooo good! Flavorful and sweet! Since the Green Cleanse ended yesterday, I had a salad! The first one in almost a week! It was incredible! Green curly leaf lettuce, romaine, tomato, cucumber, and dressed with cashew dressing. UUuummmmmmmmm!

I think that’s everything I ate today. Besides getting caught up on the forums and updating the rest of the stuff tonight, that’s been it. Life on the edge, as my sister would say.

I’m going to amaze everyone–me most of all–and get to bed early tonight! Good night, y’all!

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