It’s late again and I’m sleepy.

I was up in time to do my vision therapy, have most of my breakfast of a large OJ/peach/spinach smoothie (I took some of it to work with me that didn’t have spinach in it) before I left for class. It’s made for a long day. BTW, the smoothie (sans spinach) was extra delicious.

It was raining cats and dogs all day today so there was no way I did any walking except in the hallways.

Snack was a pear. Before lunch, I had two kiwifruit. One was really good, the other so-so.

I’d called Wal*Mart to see if the promised persimmons had come in. I was assured they had and I got the price. Even though it wasn’t ideal weather and I was short on time, I made up my mind I was going to go get some.

Lunch was Roger’s “oatmeal” with raisins. The picture is pretty big so don’t bother clicking on the link if you’re on dialup–unless you are consumed with curiosity. I finished up with four or five baby bananas.

The weather was extra nasty and foggy over the mountain. I took it slow and easy and made it okay. I had to drive through a lot of standing water but none of it was deep.

When I got to Wally World, I started looking for the persimmons. I finally found a couple of people putting produce up. I was informed that there were none to be had. I told them I’d called and was sure they had to be wrong. The man went back to the back and looked and came back empty-handed. I was a little more than upset. I’d driven more than 10 miles in the fog and rain and had that far to go to get home. Gas is going back up, time is at a premium, and they didn’t have what I’d made a special trip for. They apologized all over the place but that didn’t get me my persimmons. I’d even asked which variety–fuyu or Asian–and had been told they were Asian. I got a few things that I could have lived without and went on to the supermarket close to town. I got some Campari tomatoes and a crate of Clementines. I asked about persimmons and the man told me they’d had some but sold out. He said he would order some and they should be in Friday. And they are fuyus. I’ll call first…

By the time I got home, it had quit raining. I stopped at the other fridge and got some greens and a pineapple. I was thankful I didn’t have to either get soaked or wrestle with my umbrella while I unloaded.

I was pretty hungry so I chowed down on four Clementines. Then I made some “soup” of tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice poured over grape tomatoes and chopped cucumber. It was good but a little too much cilantro. I put in some agave nectar and ate most of it before I chucked the rest. I sampled the kim chee and had a couple bites of kim chi. I couldn’t resist getting into the Camparis and ate three of them.

My sister e-mailed that she had finally gotten to her destination after being delayed for no apparent reason. For a wonder, her luggage made it when she did. She is the Queen of Misplaced Luggage. I don’t know how many times it’s happened but I’d hate to let it out of my sight if I were her.

I should be in bed ere long. I’ll stop this for tonight. I hope everyone sleeps well!

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