It’s late and I have to be at work an hour early.

I’ll make this short. Exercised a little over 1/2 hour. Walked twice for a total of 30+ minutes. Breakfast was OJ and a four banana/coconut (uh-oh) red leaf lettuce smoothie. I had already put the coconut in and blended it up when I realized I wasn’t supposed to have any overt fat this week. Too late. Before lunch, two kiwi. Lunch was a three banana/two apple/red leaf lettuce smoothie. Got home, had three Thai bananas, a pear, three Clementines. Mixed up a tomato/pineapple/red kale smoothie. It tasted good but it made my stomach queasy. I dumped it and threw the rest of the kale away. I ate a few bites of kim chi and sampled the kim chee I’m making. It’s getting there.

Am going to bed! Good night!

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