I’ve made it through December 2005!

I have my pictures all transferred through the end of the year. It’s still “Onward, through the fog!”

I finally heard from my sister and my forum friend and they are all okay. Lots of rain but no problems otherwise. My forum friend said that if their house slid, it would just go into the septic tank. EeeewwwwWWW!

This morning was class day. I didn’t have time for much of anything when I got up but I did have some OJ. I took the ingredients for a couple of smoothies and the salsa I’d made for the potluck.

I waited until after class to have my smoothie. It was so late and lunch was so early that I didn’t get to have another smoothie first. I had a pear, though.

The weather was rainy and yuck. I didn’t get to walk. I went to the supermarket and got a cucumber, an avocado, and a bag of tortilla chips to go with the salsa. I can buy ’em but I still don’t eat ’em.

My lunch was salsa with a large chunk of cucumber, diced, and avocado mixed in. I ate it with romaine leaves. It was really good and really high in fat. I filled a plate for my second shift person. She’d requested ham, devilled eggs, and sourdough bread. People were amazed when they saw me loading up on such stuff. I was having a hard time with the ham since I wouldn’t dare touch it. Someone said, “Use your fingers!” I said, “NO!” That plastic fork was as close as I’d ever get to it. I went into the bathroom and thoroughly washed.

It seemed to be about time for the Christmas T-shirts from the children’s hospital division of the Health System. I was disappointed when I found out they aren’t selling them this year. I let them know how I feel, too. Every year, I’ve gotten one for myself and my two granddaughters. Guess we’ll do without. There’s a woman who has been buying one each year for 20 years. How sad! She’ll have a break in her collection.

I had to take the mail to the post office this afternoon. I stopped and got the car filled up on the way home. The man at the station was impressed with the job the body shop people had done. I may have to charge them for advertising. 🙂

Twinkle is supervising. I hope she likes what she sees.

The girls wanted more salsa so I made some when I got home. I was going to have a coconut but I’m down to two so I held off. I had a little bit of salsa instead. Then I made a large salad and had it with some cashew dressing.

Once again, my calories aren’t what they should be. I’m sure I’ve gotten enough today but too many of them are fat calories. The Green Cleanse based on the Green for Life Program will be starting soon. I should do it so I can get myself back where I’m supposed to be. It only lasts a week and I feel so good after I’ve gone through it. This would make my third time.

I do need to get to bed. Twinkle will need some food to get her through the night.

Sleep well, all!

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