It’s been Sunday all day long.

I’ve been pretty busy all day and when I did sit down I haven’t gotten what I wanted to get done, done. Piddle piddle. That’s what I do best.

Hours of sleep last night could have been something like nine but I had a hard time drifting off. I dozed for a long time and finally was able to get all the way there. I stayed in bed until almost 8 o’clock. Lazy!

Weight was at 116 this morning and I’d lost 2.75 inches in the last two weeks. I didn’t measure last week.

Breakfast was OJ, a dragon fruit, and then a three banana/coconut smoothie. It was decent but not delicious.

I got started on my Foray for Food early enough that I was able to swing by Mother’s grave. The radio was playing “After the Ball” so I cranked it up and sat there, teary-eyed, and listened. Mother used to sing that song.

Nostalgia got the better of me today. As I was going through the little town my great-aunt had lived in (she was more like a grandmother to me since my own had died when I was still very small) I swung over to the back street where she used to live and went by her old house. The privy is gone. When I was little, I loved to go in there and look down at the worms working away in the waste. What a thing to remember! I did a lot of swinging today.

There’s a “natural food store” just outside my great aunt’s little town. It was closed but I stopped and peeked in the windows. I didn’t see anything natural about it. There was row upon row of bottles, boxes, and bags. I think I won’t go back.

I cut ALDI from my list of places to stop and saved a little time. I went to the Asian market and got what I needed there and proceeded on to the organic grocery. I was wandering around and found some Larabars. I’ve heard mixed reviews of them and they aren’t optimal but I got one of the ginger snap variety but I haven’t eaten it yet. I don’t know if there’s going to be a good time. I may have to substitute it for my evening meal one of these days.

I got on up the road and stopped at Wal*Mart. It was still pretty early but I took a lot of time in there, trying to find out the price of blueberries. Then I ran into a couple of ladies I know and visited. I’ve known one of them ever since I was a young girl and I’d seen her several times lately but I had to tell the other one who I was. She said I’d lost weight. Maybe that’s why she didn’t recognize me. I look like me to me in the mirror.

One of the clothing stores was having a good sale. I got a couple of tops. I didn’t try them on. They are both small and may be a little snug for awhile.

Last winter, I got some really good frozen strawberries, nothing added, at the “used food store” as my mother would call it. I decided I’d check and see if they had any but they didn’t. They DID have bananas, ripe ones, lots of them. There was a sign “4 pounds $1” and then another one that said, “Free Bananas”. I chose to believe the latter and filled a bag. When I went up to the checkout, the young fellow waved me on through. I had the nerve to ask for a bag to put them in since the one I had was very flimsy. He obliged.

I got home and unloaded well before dark. I had a banana/spinach smoothie with three of the free bananas. I killed a coconut and ate it, and had some kim chee. Then I looked up a recipe for kim chee and I have the veggies soaking even as I write. My daughter called while I was in the process. I finished, then made a salad and called her back. We were on the phone for right at an hour.

I’m sitting here yawning. That’s the signal that I should wind this up and go to bed.

Good night!

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