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I got to bed right at 11 pm last night.

Once again, it was the bulletin that kept me up. Friday nights, I used to get to bed by 9 o’clock. I talked to one of the members of the nominating committee this afternoon. They are to have a meeting in the morning and I asked her not only to nominate the gentleman who wants […]

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I found the picture from two years ago.

I was right. It was two years ago that Sam Venable was keynote speaker at the conference. Below is the picture that was taken then: Click on the picture to open full-size. And now, DURING: Click on the picture to open full-size. Even my hair is smaller! Sam hasn’t changed a bit. Here’s one of […]

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The conference is over and I’m home!

I slept much better last night, thank you very much. The mattress wouldn’t make me want to trade in my waterbed but it was a great improvement over the other one. I actually looked like a human today instead of a scarecrow. I got up at the appointed time. I still didn’t exercise. The environment […]

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Here we are! We made it!

I didn’t have time to exercise this morning. Since I still have to make up my bed (the couch) I’m going to make this short. It was my choice to occupy the couch so don’t feel sorry for me. It’s closer to the bathroom and in the same room with the jacuzzi. 😀 I took […]

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It’s time to give it up for tonight.

I’m up late once again. Same song, different verse. I’ve been working on my pictures (what else?) and have gotten through the rest of November and into December. Some of the pictures were of the best durian I ever tasted. I’ve added cherimoya and white sapote to my fruit/veggie page, too. Moving right along! My […]

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No pictures tonight! It’s too late!

It’s been a different sort of day. I got up, measured, did all of my exercises, got all of my laundry done early, and set out for my grocery shopping excursion. My daughter called just as I was getting ready to walk out the door. I didn’t call her back. I’d lost a half inch […]

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