Tonight won’t be a repeat of last night, for sure!

I turned off the light at 9:15 but it’s already almost 10 and I’m not even close to getting to bed. It was so nice getting 8+ hours of sleep! I could get hooked on it.

There wasn’t time for all of my exercises, but I did BodyFlex, LSEs, and some of my own routine. Breakfast was a smoothie of three bananas, a cup of blueberries, and a large amount of green curly leaf lettuce.

On my way to work, I saw a deer starting out across the highway. It hesitated and looked like it was turning back so I proceeded only to have it change its mind and plow into the side of my car. I felt sick. I hate to kill anything but Bambi? It was unthinkable! I went on down until I could find a place to turn around and went back to the murder scene. Steam was coming up from the body in the cold morning air. Two women in a pickup had stopped. When I got even with them, I asked if they had a cell phone so they could call someone to come move it out of the highway. They were ahead of me. One had called her husband to come get it and wanted to know if it was okay. I had no need of it and if the poor deer had to die, at least some good (?) would come of it. She seemed overjoyed at the prospect of venison. She asked so I let her know I was uninjured and all I could see that was wrong with my car was the mirror on the driver’s side dangling by the power cord. I wished them well and went on my way. When I turned around to go back toward town, it was to see the deer rise from the road and gallop down the bank and into the woods! Even though the women were no doubt disappointed, I said, “Thank you, Lord!” Someone later observed that it may have gone off to die but I prefer to think it just had a bad headache.

The damage to the car is minimal. There are dents in the doors on the left and, as I mentioned, the mirror. My insurance has a $100 deductible for comprehensive and will pay for a rental car while my car is being beautified. All the arrangements have been made and I’m to take it to the body shop tomorrow.

I had three kiwi for a mid-morning snack. There was no way I could get away for a walk but it was cold as kraut outside, anyway.

Lunch was a two banana, two pear, one apple, two ribs celery, and half a bag of spinach smoothie. The cardiologist came in while I was drinking it and said it looked like a ground-up iguana. He was interested and argued me up one side and down the other about protein in food. I maintain that almost all foods have some amount of protein (the only thing I’ve been able to find that doesn’t have any listed is dates) and he said not. He wants to read the book I have about the raw food diet (The Raw Secrets) so I’ll take it to him in a couple of weeks. He isn’t due back until then.

I took some things over to Administration and the Administrator asked how the conference was. A perfect opening. I had her pull up my blog and scroll down until she got to the latest pictures. She couldn’t believe the difference. She said she couldn’t remember my ever looking like the first one. The camera doesn’t lie. I wish I’d weighed during that time but I didn’t. I was in denial about my weight and, as long as I didn’t know how much it was, I was okay. Sort of. She called the others in the office to come look and everyone was amazed. I even amaze myself! It’s hard to think I was ever that big.

When I got home, it was past time for the coaches’ call. I called in and there were only three people on the line so far so I wasn’t too late. Others joined later. I had a few bites of rinsed kim chee while we talked.

After the call, I got the coconut I’d snagged out of the fridge on the way in and succeeded in killing it. I ate the whole thing and it was luscious! I was going to let that be it since it was getting sort of late but I decided I’d have my salad, anyway. It was a whole head of red lettuce (sort of small), half an avocado, two small tomatoes, a whole pickling cucumber, and dressed with lime juice and some sea salt. I know, I know. No one needs to say anything.

It’s already an hour past the time I was settled in for the night last night. I’m going to get off here and fly up. As Mother would say. Good night!

2 Responses to Tonight won’t be a repeat of last night, for sure!

  1. Lori November 3, 2006 at 11:15 pm #

    Hi Tommie,

    Just wanted to know that I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I was raw for about 6 months, then fell into a pizza box for about 20 months. I just started raw again. It’s nice to have someone as motivational as you to read each day.


  2. Tommie November 4, 2006 at 7:39 am #

    Lori, it’s because of people like you I keep this up. I’m not perfect, by any means so “do as I say and not as I do”. With winter here again (almost) I’m getting back into my rut. I need to go by the menus that I get through the Mastery more than ever but it’s easier to go my own way. Hang in there! I’ve been fortunate that I’ve had few cravings but I think that’s because I eat so much fruit. The higher calorie ones tend to keep the cravings away.

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