I’m going to get to bed on time tonight.

I’ve made up my mind. I’m serious. It was close to midnight last night and I’ve felt it all day.

The only exercises I did this morning were BodyFlex and LSEs. It was a cold morning and it felt good to get my blood pumping.

Breakfast was a honeydew with lime juice. I’d never put lime juice on it before and it was very tasty. I didn’t have time to eat it at home so I took it to work. It wasn’t working to take bites between calls, etc. I finally took it into the break room and finished it. One of the doctors came in and said I eat such healthy food. Well, yes! She said she can’t eat honeydew–it makes her throat close up. More’s the pity because it was GOOD!

I peeled some pears and sliced them up. I shared them with the Data Entry person. I had to wait to eat them because it got busy and I had to do something else. It was about an hour later when I got to finish.

Lunch was a six banana/romaine/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. After that, I had a cucumber.

There was too much going on for me to ever get out to walk. It was cold all day but I think I could have handled that if I’d had time. I never did find out.

I’ve been wondering if the fridge was cold enough. I put a thermometer in there this morning and it was at 34 when I left for work. I put it in the freezer. I checked it this afternoon and it was 14. I turned the refrigerator section up a little warmer.

There was one coconut left in the First Fridge in the kitchen so I killed it. No need. It was already dead. The first fatality in my coconut world. It was very pink inside. I tossed it. I’ve had a pretty good run, all in all. I got one out of the Second Fridge and it was good. A little on the mature side but I ate it all. It sure was cold! I had some rinsed kim chee.

Sometime later, I fixed some tomatoes and Tajin and now my stomach doesn’t feel 100% okay. I’m not going to eat anything else tonight. And I’m going to go to bed. Really.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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