I got to bed right at 11 pm last night.

Once again, it was the bulletin that kept me up. Friday nights, I used to get to bed by 9 o’clock. I talked to one of the members of the nominating committee this afternoon. They are to have a meeting in the morning and I asked her not only to nominate the gentleman who wants to do it but to let them know I want him to take it over immediately if not sooner. Pray for me!

I didn’t try to get up at all early. I was up in time to have my quiet time, breakfast (I took part of it with me and finished it after song service), get ready, and get the bulletin copied and that was what I needed to do.

Breakfast was a smoothie of two bananas, two peaches, one apple, three ribs of celery, and half a bag of spinach. It was pretty tasty. It would have been better with in-season peaches.

After church, I went directly to the nursing home to visit my friend. Her daughter works there and was on duty. I stopped and talked to her before I went to the room. My friend hugged me and started crying. She does so hate to be where she is. She’s slowly improving. She’s able to walk down the hall to the dining room using her walker. She has to have the assistance of two people, too. Her mind seemed clearer today, too. The doctor is trying her on different medications to try to keep her pain under control while not keeping her doped up. I only stayed about an hour.

When I came home, I killed a coconut. I’d been all week without any overt fat. The menu called for some so I went all out. I don’t care for what was on the menu. I chose to go my own way. After the coconut, I had tomatoes with Tajin (salt). Then I dipped into the kim chee (Salt). I made a big salad with some cashew dressing (cashews, onion, lemon juice, water, SalT). I sprikled it with SALt. Later, I had some more kim chee (SALT). So, you might say I had SALT today. I was at 118 this morning. We’ll see what my binge does tomorrow.

I was supposed to have a large fruit salad for breakfast but there was no way I could make and eat it and still get to church on time. I may have that tomorrow. I’m not doing too well sticking to the BES menus. Guess I’ve been on my own too long to try to follow a plan. It’s great for people just starting out, though. Strange we have to be taught how to eat when it should be the simplest thing in the world but that’s the way it is.

Oh, there were several remarks made about my size when I was at the conference but my favorite was when I got on the elevator at the hotel. There was a man and his wife with a luggage cart. The cart was blocking most of the way in. The man said, “Come on in! As little as you are, you can slide right by!” And I did.

Speaking of the conference, go to the post below to see some pictures I’ve added.

Good night!

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