The conference is over and I’m home!

I slept much better last night, thank you very much. The mattress wouldn’t make me want to trade in my waterbed but it was a great improvement over the other one. I actually looked like a human today instead of a scarecrow.

I got up at the appointed time. I still didn’t exercise. The environment wasn’t conducive to it.

Breakfast was a smoothie of seven bananas (I had to trim a couple of them so it was probably only 6.5), 12 ozzies of blueberries, and a half bunch of spinach. I made it early enough that I could drink it all before I went to “breakfast”. I didn’t eat anything. There was absolutely nothing that wasn’t cooked. Or baked. Or fried.

We’d gotten everything packed and in the car plus I’d checked out before we went to the conference center.

There were several sessions this morning. The grand finale was the gift exchange. Mine was a glass pumpkin with Snickers Bars and some other kind of candy. Just what I needed! The girls at work will love that!

After we left, we went to one of the big outlet malls and looked around. I got mittens for my little granddaughter, gloves for my older one, and gloves for all my staff for behaving (I hope) while I was away. They know their jobs and are very competent so I’m sure the place held together in my absence. I got myself some warm slippers and a couple of tops. I tried on a pair of size 4 pants. They fit except for the length. Since I’m not into hemming right now, I let them keep them.

We found the car and came on back to Wally World where JM’s mother was waiting to take her home. I went in and got the few groceries I needed, plus some more tops that were on sale. I looked at slacks but didn’t get any.

I was getting pretty hungry. There were three slices of dehydrated mango left. I et ’em!

I went and checked on Mother. The leaves are starting to fall. There are some pretty colors around, too, but it looked as though there might have been a strong wind.

It was cold when I got home. The temperature was 41 degrees–oh, and by the way, my other thermometer is working again so I have two! It’s down to 38 now. That might not seem so cold in some places but it always hurts when those first days come when there’s an icy feeling to the air.

After everything was brought in, I ate a kiwi that was ready and a D’Anjou pear. It was extra juicy and good. I had a bite of kim chi and a couple of bites of kim chee which I shouldn’t have had. The frozen mango I’d taken was thawed so I blended up some tomato mango dressing and had it over a huge salad. I finished all but a few bites.

While I was eating, I called the pastor about the bulletin. He seemed puzzled and I found out why when I checked my bulletin folder in my e-mail. His wife had said she would do it if I would send her the template. By that time, it was too late so I went ahead and did it with the information I had. I did make an impassioned plea for him to check with the new member to see if he would be willing to take it over immediately if not sooner.

Folks, it’s after 10 and I’m sleepy. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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