It’s Friday again and another week of eating raw food.

I have no idea how many weeks. I guess I could figure it from the ticker. Maybe 65? 66? I don’t know that it makes any difference. It’s a bunch of weeks and I’ve had a good time doing it.

I’m sleepy. I didn’t get to bed until almost 1 this morning so I have every right to be. I hated to put off doing the bulletin but if I hadn’t, it would have probably been 2 o’clock. That wouldn’t have been at all smart.

Rather than get up and exercise, I chose to “sleep in”. I needed the rest. Breakfast was a banana/apple/red leaf lettuce smoothie. It was pretty good. As in prit-ty GOOD.

I did three laps around the buildings while I listened to Dr. D. People think I’m listening to music and that’s okay. There are some I’ve told but it doesn’t matter.

My son called me to tell me he’d seen an old acquaintance. He was at the university supermarket and was looking around while we were talking. Just so happens, he saw some scuppernongs and wanted to know what they were. I don’t know if he got any. They were in a refrigerated case (one way to keep the gnats away) and he couldn’t smell them. If he’d been able to, he would have had to buy some. At least I would.

Lunch was scuppernongs (I shared some with the people at the table) (they liked them) and bananas. I’d taken a half dozen bananas but only ate three.

I guess a couple hours had gone by and I was getting hungry. I broke out the rest of the bananas and finished them off.

It was windy and a little cool today but the sun was warm. I did another three laps.

One of the nurses came in and took a look at my blog. She is the one who told me about the Asian market. She’d missed the dragon fruit and wanted to see it.

I don’t know what’s up with my wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. It keeps scanning the channels but it won’t show the temperature outside. I’ve changed the batteries in both units but it isn’t working. The one in the kitchen died so I’m down to one in the living room. From what it shows, the OAT is about 50 degrees. I’ll need to bring my basil in soon. Someone said the other day that it shouldn’t frost for another three weeks but who knows?

After work, I went out to the car and was in the process of trying to maneuver out of my space, miss the boy on the bicycle, the vehicle next to me that parked too close, and the car behind me. For a split second, I lost sight of the car behind me (parked in a No Parking zone) and plowed into it. I felt sick. I pulled around and parked and went inside. It belonged to a little old lady who wasn’t even supposed to be there. She was supposed to be at the clinic in town. She and I went out and inspected the damage and we swapped names and phone numbers. I called my insurance agency and was told to have her get a quote and decide whether I want to pay to get it fixed or turn it in to my insurance. The latter will no doubt boost my premiums. So…I’ll contact her next week.

I still made it to the bank before it closed and went across the street to get some produce. There was a tray of beautiful big red sweet peppers. I looked at them but I’d bought some yesterday and didn’t need any more. The man said that he was going to give me some and put four big ones in my bag. They would have cost a small fortune in the store. That made me feel a little better after my catastrophe.

When I got home, I dropped my purse and the bag with the produce on the floor and headed to the bathroom. I came back in, stepped over my purse and my foot landed right on two of the peppers! Served me right for not putting them where they belonged. The bag held so I got the split peppers out, washed them, cut them up, put them in a plastic bag, and they are in the freezer waiting for when I can’t get them this winter. I hear disasters come in threes. That’s two. Guess the third will happen if I don’t get to bed soon.

Supper was a cantaloupe smoothie–or maybe that was an appetizer. I had a young coconut, and finished off with a few bites of kim chi and a good-sized salad of red leaf, curly green leaf, tomato, avocado, a few slices of Texas sweet onion, dressed with lime juice. It was late to be eating it but I was craving SALAD!

And now I can be thankful that it’s Sabbath and hope that it’s a happy one for all of you!

Good night!

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