It’s been Sunday all day.

I haven’t gotten a whole lot done because I sunned for an hour plus I talked to all three of my offspring. Those are important, though, so I can’t say I didn’t accomplish something.

I got up later than I’d intended but I had gotten to bed late last night, too–story of my life. I measured and I’ve put some inches back on. It isn’t like I’ll keep them. That’s the beauty of eating raw food. I’m not “out of control” like I used to be with cooked. I was up a couple of pounds because of all the salt I’ve been eating. That probably precipitated the increase in inches, as well.

I did all of my exercises before the team call and got through maybe five minutes ahead of schedule. It was a good call today, though I had to ‘fess up that I didn’t get all of my assignments done. I was called on to introduce myself and threw the coach for a loop when I owned up to having an affair. With sea salt. I’m hooked. I admit it. There was some talk about the next Body Enlightenment System. The deadline is coming up quickly for registration. It is a great program and well worth the investment.

Breakfast was a young coconut. I took pictures of the process of opening it and I plan to post them tomorrow evening. I’ve worked out my own method and I think it’s a good one and worthy of sharing.

I went out for my first session in the sun and stayed for a half hour. The temp was 66 but there was no breeze so it felt good. I listened to the rest of the second CD of the Perfect Health Program and then listened to the sounds of the critters in the woods.

When I came in, I fixed a banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie with the rest of the coconut I hadn’t eaten earlier. It was good but such a dark green that it was almost black. That should indicate LOTS of vitamins and minerals.

My daughter called and we had a good visit while I had my second stint in the sun.

I ate a big bowl of watermelon. Later, I had the other half of the dragon fruit and some longan. Those pictures should be coming along tomorrow, too.

The durian had been waiting since Friday so I opened it. More pictures. It’s better than the other two I’ve had but not nearly as good as the first. That first one perfumed the whole house for weeks. Every time I opened the freezer, I could smell it. I could take this to work and no one would be the wiser. I ate several of the pods and wrapped the rest and put them in the fridge. I’m not going to freeze it. I don’t think there’s enough left to make that necessary.

My sister had e-mailed some info my son wanted. Since he doesn’t use the computer at all except when he was buying on eBay I called him and told him what he needed to know. We visited for probably half an hour.

I had my fats and fruits and veggies all mixed up together today. After the durian, I had some tomatoes with Tajin. Not a wise choice to eat them so close together. I was miserable for a little while but it passed.

I finally got in touch with my oldest and we visited until he got to a dead spot (he wasn’t driving) and then he called me back. The joy of cell phones. I guess I should have one but I don’t. There are so many dead spots around here and I would be paying for nothing much of the time. “Can you hear me now?” NO.

When my stomach got to be more or less empty, I had some of the “slaw” I had made yesterday. It’s not bad a’tall. I got some coconut out of the freezer. It’s thawing now.

Since I’d finished up the PHP on my Micro, I ripped a couple more CDs and transferred them so I’ll have something to listen to on my walks tomorrow.

I’ve been working on getting my pictures back where they belong. It’s a strange thing that I can see the ones that were on blogger and no one else can but I guess they are cached somewhere on my computer. When I was able to pull them up, I naturally thought that everyone could see them but no. My sister and I used to say “NAY-oh” when we would be especially put out about something and that’s the way it makes me feel about the pictures. I’ve gone through all the posts up through July 19, 2005. I’ll keep working on it little by little until I get ‘er done.

I’m looking at the screen over Twinkle’s head. She does love to get up here and watch what I’m doing. Guess it doesn’t take much to entertain her.

I’m impressed with my little cordless phone. I was on the team call this morning for a little more than an hour, my daughter’s call lasted for something like an hour and a half, and the calls to my sons were, total, over an hour. That’s at least three and a half or four hours of talking without recharging. Not bad.

With that revelation, I’m going to get ready for bed. Good night!

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