Same song, umpteenth verse…

It’s late and I’m not in bed yet. That’s obvious. At least I had a day at home for a change. Of course, I was home last Sunday but it’s different when I don’t feel pushed to get things DONE.

I didn’t get up until 8:30 even though I woke up about 7. I stayed in bed because I could.

Breakfast was a young coconut that was just beginning to mature. I could still spoon the meat out even though it was thicker than the thin “wash”. I ate it all.

Late morning, I went out and lay in the sun for a full hour. After 45 minutes, my water and coconut had gotten to me so I went behind the garage where I was out of sight of anyone or anything and “let fly”, as my mother would say. I felt much better and went back to finish up the last 15 minutes. There was little traffic and no mowing so I was able to lie there and listen to the critters. It was very peaceful. The temperature was just about 70 and the sun felt good. It was an ideal Sabbath activity.

When I came in, I made what was supposed to be a banana/peach/romaine smoothie but the peaches tasted so good that I ate them alone and ended up with what Frederic would call Romans Gone Wild. Bananas and romaine. Period.

I got online and posted some messages on Roger’s forum.

It was getting on toward mid-afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything else. I got out the watermelon and had a large chunk.

The other day, I’d bought some broccoli and cauliflower to make “slaw”. I didn’t want them to go to waste so I hove to and diddit. I grated the broccoli flowerets and chopped the cauliflower and onion with my Pampered Chef chopper. Then I made a cashew “mayo” and mixed it all together with a squirt of agave nectar. It’s in the fridge, marrying the flavors. I’ll have some tomorrow and take most of the rest to work on Monday.

Twinkle has had a rough couple of days. She hates the chicken/salmon feline blend that I got from Only Natural Pets. As much as she hates it, I was just as determined to make her learn to like it. I put two nuggets out for her yesterday morning and finally gave in and pitched them today. Then I put out one nugget. She ignored it. I think she would just as soon starve as eat it. I got the best of her, though. I opened a can of cat food that she loves and mixed it with the chicken/salmon. She’s eaten most, if not all, of it. I haven’t checked lately. I don’t give her “cooked” very often at all. I wouldn’t have today if she had eaten. I’m going to take the rest of that bag (and it’s a big one) to a friend at work who has a cat that loves chicken.

As I promised, I took pictures of the dragon fruit and longan. I’ll post them tomorrow. Both of them are very interesting. I ate half the dragon fruit I cut and several longan. The dragon fruit has a delicate flavor. I don’t know what I could relate it to unless it would be a sweet lime. The lime part of the flavor is faint. I tried a longan at the market yesterday so it was no surprise. It has an almost coconutty taste. Evidently, it’s related to lychee because when I was looking up info on how to store it, it said that it would keep fully as well. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to hurry and eat it. It’s expensive!

I made a large salad of romaine, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and dressed it with Matt’s dip. I also had too much kim chee. I don’t know that I need any coconut to help me sleep. I’m pretty sleepy as it is.

My coach called me between 8:30 and 9. We had a good visit and she caught me up on some things I’d missed or inadvertently ignored. I’d sent her an e-mail intending to say that I wouldn’t be on today’s call. She took me by surprise when she said that she was sorry I wouldn’t be able to make it to the team call tomorrow. I told her that I’ll be there! I’ve charged my OneSuite account and I’m ready to go!

I’m being audited by a cat. She is either intently watching or she’s about asleep. In either case, she isn’t moving a whole lot.

I’ll have to take the link down for the Body Enlightenment System soon. Unless there’s an extension on the deadline, it’s coming up in a few days. I heard somewhere that the price was going up, too. This is going to be the best one yet! I won’t be missing it, myself. I’ll be right in the thick of it and having the time of my life!

Time to wind this up and go to bed! Good night!

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