I need to go back to yesterday.

Let’s see…I need to go back to yesterday. I did my BodyFlex and a routine or two of the LSEs. I was half an hour late to work. Breakfast was a banana/peach/spinach smoothie.

I took a walk around the buildings three times.

The man from the Asian market called to let me know my coconuts were in. I e-mailed my boss and let her know that since I came in late, I needed to leave early. I told her I understood that’s how the formula works and she confirmed that it was.

I’d brought some peaches besides the ones for my smoothie and had them before I ate my large bowl of Fred’s Mom’s Salad.

Since I was leaving an hour early, I didn’t do any more walking. At least, not around the buildings.

I was about to pop to go to the bathroom by the time I got several miles away from the Asian market. I stopped at a store and used their facilities. I felt like I should buy something to pay for it so I bought some raisins that I didn’t actually need. I can use some fresh ones, though. I haven’t bought any for a long, long time.

From there, I went to Aldi and got some avocados, limes, and garlic. I think the woman charged me for my bag that I’d carried in but I was in a hurry so I let it go.

Then it was on to the A.M. I got my coconuts plus a nice papaya, some guava, and a jar of kim chee. I’d bought some at Wal*Mart years ago that was awful but this is really good. It’s got a lot of salt but I rinsed it off. I could eat the whole jar at a sitting so it must have excitotoxins in it. I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The nice lady told me that she had some durian in from another company and said that she had heard that the ones I got weren’t good. I told her they didn’t have any smell or taste. She said she’d tried one and she agreed that it was disappointing. She isn’t getting durian from that distributor any more. She got one out of the freezer and I thought she was going to sell it to me but she took it to the back and said she is going to try it before she sells any. She’ll let me know if it’s good.

She got out what used to be a calendar of pictures of luscious looking fruit–dragon fruit, lychee, guava, durian, star fruit, mangosteen, mango, picture after picture that made my mouth water. She explained the ones I’ve never tried and told me how they taste and how they are fixed. I said that it’s a project of mine to try as many new fruits as I can before I die. She laughed at that one. Since I’m willing to buy them there, I’m sure it made her happy.

From there, I went to my favorite organic market and got some lettuces. The spinach was conspicuous by its absence. I stood there and felt I should be at attention with my hand over my heart. The produce boy was stocking the bins. I went over to him and said, “This is a stupid question, but do you have any bunch spinach?” He sadly said no, that they had had to throw out all the spinach and anything it had come in contact with. I let him know how I felt about the whole situation and he agreed. It’s turned out the tainted spinach wasn’t organic but it all had to go by government decree. Someone suggested that there should be a warning label on spinach saying something like, “There is a miniscule risk associated with eating these greens” and let the consumers decide whether or not to buy it. I stopped at every produce aisle wherever I went and paid homage to the missing ingredient.

Next stop was Wal*Mart where I got three mangos, some cilantro, and cat litter. The mangos I got last week rotted instead of ripening. I talked to them and they said they’ll refund my money if I bring them in.

It was getting dark when I started up the mountain so I didn’t stop at the cemetery. I felt bad because I don’t get there much.

I’d eaten a banana on the way from the organic market to Wally World but that was all I’d had. I was pretty hungry by the time I got home and I was craving a salad. I snacked on kim chee while I fixed it. I was out in the dark trying to pick some basil for the dressing when my neighbor brought over her spotlight she calls a flashlight. I got what I needed and made for the house. I was eating salad ‘way too late but I was HUNGRY!

The bulletin took until almost 11 to get done. I was late getting to bed.

I overslept this morning and got up too late to exercise. Breakfast was a smoothie of bananas, mangos, and the rest of the spinach. A sad time. 🙁

It was cloudy when I got to the hospital and it started raining when it was time for me to go walking. I didn’t.

Lunch was Apples with Snow. This time, I used three apples and three bananas so I had enough. I’d taken some Sun-dried Organic Raw Peruvian Olives to share with the others (actually, I didn’t have any so I guess I gave them) but there is only one less than what I had when I left the house this morning. Three people shared it and none of them liked it. I’ll have to admit that it’s a taste that has to be acquired and I haven’t quite acquired it yet myself.

The weather had cleared off enough that I was able to get in six laps this afternoon. By the time I’d rounded the fifth, it felt like I had sand in my shoes. When I got inside and tried to clean it off my trouser socks (which I haven’t been wearing) I found that I have a blister on the bottom of each foot. I got bandaids and will put some tea tree oil on them when I get home. They both popped.

Supper was a bowl of tomatoes with Tajin. The Tajin was pretty strong in the bottom of the bowl.

It’s almost time to go to the seminar session. I’m still at the hospital but I wanted to be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so I’m blogging now. I’ll finish it up when I get home.

I’m BAAAAAAAaaaaaaack! Did you miss me?

The session was really good tonight and we had a larger than usual crowd. And, as usual, I didn’t partake of the goodies on the refreshment table after. I opened the organ but I won’t have to play it much tomorrow. We’re going to have a session for the church service, too. I’ll get somewhat of a break! I visited a little and came on home to finish this.

I’d been thinking about kim chee all day. I don’t know that I was craving it because I wouldn’t have been heartbroken not to have any. I put some in a bowl and poured some water over it to take some of the salt out and ate it! I had an olive and it wasn’t delicious so I put a few in the kim chee water to see what that will do. I’ll try them after they’ve soaked in it for a day or so.

It looks like I might actually get to bed on time tonight. Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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