I have fooled around and it’s already past my bedtime. I could have made it if I hadn’t been so triflin’.

After I finished my post last night, I ate a few cashews. But wait! There was method in my madness! When I was listening to Tonya Kay, she was talking about controlling her body by what she eats and mentioned that, if she is too “up”, she can eat some fat and bring herself down a little. I know that cashews can make me sleepy if I eat the nuts out of hand. I did and they did and I slept very well, thank you.

When I got up, I checked my menu for today and I was supposed to have a mix of cantaloupe (had it), watermelon (had it), and honeydew (didn’t). I went ahead and fixed what I had, then had second thoughts about eating such juicy fruit before I went to play the organ. I switched breakfast and lunch and had a banana/romaine smoothie. I stowed the fruit in the fridge for later.

Whoever had cleaned the church had polished the organ bench and pedals. When I slid onto the bench, I felt like I was in danger of zooming off the other end. My feet kept slipping on the pedals so, while the lesson study was going on, I got some paper towels, wet one and put soap on it, and crawled around on the floor and got all the slippery off. I’m going to put a note on the organ NOT to polish the bench or the pedals–fortunately, it had been locked so the keys didn’t get it, too. The pianist had that to contend with. She said she could hardly keep her fingers on the keys. She’ll make a note for the piano. I know the intention was good but it could have been disastrous. The pianist was reaching for something and almost fell off her bench.

I went to the guest meal and loaded up a plate for my puny friend. She was in fine form when I got there but started hurting again after a half hour or so. She was beginning to doze off so I took my leave. She’d had lunch so I left the plate for supper. It was haystack ingredients which I wouldn’t have liked if I ate cooked.

It was too late to get in the sun when I got home. Two days in a row…

The cantaloupe and watermelon was good and I was hungry. After I finished that, I had some plums (I had some one day when I didn’t report them, too), then some peaches. I had planned to kill the last coconut but got started on other things and didn’t. I’ll probably have it tomorrow. I didn’t have the ingredients for supper so I had a big bowl of salsa. This time, I ate it all.

I got ready and went to the seminar. It had been cold in there last night so I wore a thermal shirt this time and was barely comfortable. I’m going to have to get a jacket that fits. I’d reported that we are one of over 2,000 sites but it’s one of ALMOST 2,000 sites. Sorry about that.

The spinach disaster is on all the forums I participate in and someone had posted that all bagged salad is being recalled. I don’t use bagged salad, myself. I think it’s yucky. I don’t have good luck with it so I don’t waste my money. I haven’t been able to find anything online about ALL salads being recalled, though.

I’ve gotten word that the BES is being opened up for registration. Click here to register now! I don’t know how many spaces there will be but they’ll fill up fast! I’m training to be a coach. I don’t know if I’ll have my own team this time or if they’ll put me on something “behind the scenes” for now. At any rate, if anyone asks, tell them Tommie sent you!

I’d better get to bed soon. It’s already after 11.

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