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It’s already an hour past my bedtime and I’m not even close to getting there.

This morning, I overslept (again) and didn’t get my vision therapy in as I should on Wednesday. This afternoon, there was evidence of eyestrain in my right eye so I do need to get back to it on a regular basis.

Breakfast was three mangos, peeled and cubed. I ate my big bowl full after I got to work. I’d take a bite and check my e-mail, another, and check a report, another, and answer the phone and on and on. There was a lot of juice in the bowl so I took a spoon and got all I could. If I’d been where no one could see me, I would have stuck my face in the bowl and licked it.

It was trying to rain but just sort of sprinkling like yesterday morning so I got out and did three laps around the building after I took a couple of pairs of my too big slacks to the executive secretary. I listened some more to the Tonya Kay interview and she is a very interesting person.

Lunch was a huge banana/mango/spinach smoothie. One of the women who loves my smoothies had a little bit of it and I drank the rest. It was about 1 1/2 quarts.

It cleared off this afternoon and was nice for walking so I put in another three laps and finished the first interview. I’ll start the one with Tera asking the questions tomorrow.

The former Food Police of the Lunch Bunch came in with her husband and visited for a few minutes. She had gastric bypass and had lot quite a bit of weight but it’s coming back. She said she needs to do what I’m doing and it’s possible her stomach has stretched enough that she could. She indicated that she might be interested in coming back to work there. I wish I had an opening but I don’t right now.

Well, here’s Twinkle again. She’s kneading my thigh and will probably sit down soon and watch what’s going on. If she doesn’t, she’s going to have to get down. It can get to be aggravating after awhile.

When I got off work, I headed for the cemetery to check on Mother’s grave. I did what I could to make the flowers look decent. There was kudzu across the drive so I sampled some. Alton Brown likes it in salad but it was a little tough–even the young leaves. It was blooming and the flowers smell wonderful. They look like little bunches of grapes and they smell like grape soda.

From there, I went to Wally World. I had called this morning to see if they had any mangos in and the produce man told me they had several boxes. I was intent on loading up a bag with them when a woman said something. I was concentrating on mangos and didn’t hear her. She came over and repeated her question, “How can you tell if a mango is ripe?” I tried to explain but I think I fell rather short on the subject. It’s instinctive with me and it’s hard to get across to someone. It doesn’t necessarily change color. A ripe mango can be anywhere from green to red to orange to yellow or any combination of all those colors. The flesh can be light yellow to dark gold. They should be smooth with tight skin but “give” to light pressure. The top of the fridge is a perfect place to ripen them. Avocados, too. We talked for a few minutes and went on.

I saw some people I knew over by the deli so I went to say hello. The woman exclaimed over the fact that I had lost (recycled) more weight than when she saw me the last time. I don’t remember when that was but it was awhile. Her children–actually they aren’t CHILDREN any more–have gotten quite tall. They’re growing and I’m shrinking. I don’t like for people to get the idea that I eat this way because of the fact that it makes losing weight easy. That’s a plus but I want to be as healthy as I possibly can. It makes me feel good, and not only physically. It makes for good mental health, too. My sister used to say that the song, “I’m the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA!” could be about me. At the time, that might not have been quite true but it could be now. Except there are a lot of other people who eat this way and the numbers are growing.

I’d stopped to get some avocados when I saw the nice lady again and this time, she had who I thought was probably her mother with her. We started talking again and I told them I am a raw foodist (I don’t volunteer that to just anyone) and explained that I don’t eat anything that has been cooked. I may have enjoyed talking to them more than they enjoyed talking to me but it was nice to share. I gave the first lady my card and told her to check in on me tomorrow since I knew it would probably be late when I updated tonight. They were more curious about what I don’t eat than what I do.

I got lots of fruit and greens. I won’t go into all of it tonight but I was about out of both. I went through the checkout of someone who I knew would be careful with my fruit and veggies and I told her so. She took extra care to treat them nicely. One of the girls at work had brought me some overripe (to her) bananas this morning so I didn’t get any today. I’ll see what’s to be had tomorrow at the local supermarket.

Then it was home, James, and don’t spare the horses. I unloaded but didn’t put things away until after I ate. I had some “chili”–this time with cumin and cayenne. It was close to two quarts. Then I had a plate of veggies (carrot sticks, celery, green onions, okra, and cucumber) with some of Frederic’s hummus.

I was in the process of getting things stowed (fortunately, not a lot of it had to go in the fridge) when Twinkle upchucked on the carpet. She will eat some of the strangest things and they won’t stay down. She decided to do it under the dining table which was unhandy for me to crawl under and clean up but I wasn’t apt to step in it, either.

My dehydrator trays come in handy for ripening fruit. I use them because they are ventilated so the airflow is good.

I could rattle on and on but I need to get to bed before tomorrow.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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