I made it to bed last night with time

I made it to bed last night with time to spare. There are some people who think I’m hung up on my bedtime but I start each post with what went on after the previous one and that’s what happened.

The day dawned looking like it was going to be a rainy one. My breakfast was a banana/mango/romaine smoothie. The mango was one of the veggie tasting ones but it was nice to cut the sweet of the really ripe bananas.

When I got to church, no one was there to play the piano so I was all alone on the organ. I was scheduled to play, anyway, and I’ve played by myself many times before but it would have been nice to know…I used the transposer to lower the pitch by a half-step since the songs are written too high for many of the people in the congregation. They were none the wiser.

After church, I went by to see my friend and she was doing better. Another of the members was visiting when I went in but neither of us stayed long.

The weather was beginning to moderate so I had my watermelon and went outside for a little more than the thirty minutes. I would have stayed longer but the critters finally found me. They weren’t biting but it was distracting to have them crawl on my bare skin.

The lunch on the menu was supposed to be fruit soup but I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients so I opted for peaches and pineapple. I ate half and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Not often I have leftovers…Then I made a bowl full of salsa and ate it with a spoon. It was as delicious as yesterday’s. Awhile later, I killed a young coconut and it was the youngest so far. It barely had any meat at all and was mostly water. I was supposed to make a pate or some such with almonds but I don’t like it a whole lot so that was it for today. I’d planned to make a salad, then found that I was down to the last of my salad fixin’s. If I have a green smoothie in the morning, I’ll need it for then.

My son called and we talked for a few minutes. They’d been to NC on vacation. They had a cabin on a lake and had taken their boat. He said they really enjoyed the time there. My granddaughter had caught her first fish. She kissed it and they let it go. YUCK! I wouldn’t want to kiss a fish! And I’d be willing to bet that the fish would have rather gone without the experience of having a hook in its mouth even if it got out alive. I’ve wondered if they heal okay or if some develop infections and die.

I’ve been working on my dream workbook for the Mastery. I was supposed to go ahead 10 years and decide what my life would be like if I could do anything I wanted. If anyone reads it, they’ll think I’ve gone balmy but I made it good! Then I was to do the same for a year from now and make it realistic. From that, I was to pick out three major goals. I have it all down on paper. I was supposed to do a full page on preserving the environment but I’ll have to think more on that one. One of my 10 year dreams is to have a hydrogen powered car. I don’t think that’s unreasonable, especially if we get some higher ups who would push it.

My mouth has had a salty taste for the last couple of days and I haven’t had any salt. Maybe my body is releasing what’s been stored up. Hmmmmm.

Yesterday, there was another Perfect Health Program in the mailbox. Almost every time I get something from Frederic, it gets duplicated. I’m going to send one back. I contacted the person who takes care of such but I haven’t heard from her yet.

Bedtime! Good night!

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  1. juanita February 20, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

    The duplicate things when you order things from Frederick Patenaude is still happening–at least it did to me last week. 😉

  2. Tommie February 20, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    I’ve had it happen since this post was written, too. If the value wasn’t enormous, he’s told me to keep it and share with someone else. I always give him the option of taking it back, though.

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