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Here I am after a late night last night and a long day today, still awake! I slept in this morning and didn’t have time to do my vision therapy, let alone exercise anything else. Since I got to bed at 1 am, I think I was entitled. Breakfast was a smoothie of OJ and […]

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It’s after midnight and I’m not even close to getting to bed! It’s been an exciting evening! And I’m bound to overdo the exclamation points! First things first. Let’s get my day out of the way. I got up and exercised, but I didn’t get the NT and HR in. Breakfast was a cantaloupe smoothie. […]

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Today was a partial fast

Today was a partial fast so I had time to do all of my exercises even though I didn’t get up when the alarm went off. I was supposed to only drink water until lunchtime and I made it! I got a little hungry but I wasn’t weak or washed out like I used to […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle Today was a busy busy day! I started out by sleeping in because I got up in the night to go to the bathroom and started thinking about the meals I was supposed to create today. I got back in bed and tried to turn off my mind but it kept […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle The katydids are in fine voice tonight. I’m still too full to sing so don’t ask me. It was 11 o’clock before I got to bed last night but I didn’t have to get up before dawn this morning so I “slept in” until a little after 7. Breakfast was supposed […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle I should be snoozing but I’m not. I got up in time to get in about 25 minutes of exercising this morning. I couldn’t go for three days in a row and not do something. I put the ingredients for my smoothie into the blender and and took it to work […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle I was late getting up this morning and didn’t have time to get ready without being late to work so it goes without saying that there was no exercise. Breakfast was supposed to be papaya/orange/spinach “pudding”. I blended it up and took it to work with me. Big mistake! The enzymes […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle I’m in the process of downloading the latest version of Opera. It wouldn’t download from their site so I went to a mirror in Australia and I’m getting an amazingly fast speed for dialup–up to 8KB/s! That’s my crowning excitement! It’s late because I was on a BES team call tonight. […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle Thirty minutes until my bedtime! Can she make it? Will she try? Yes, she’ll try! Let’s hide and watch and see what happens! Well, I’ve fooled around and the 30 minutes is past and I’m just getting back to this so, no, she won’t make it. 🙁 One of the women […]

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