I’m going to try to get this done quickly so I can GO TO BED!

I overslept this morning because, even though I got to bed at 10:31 last night, I couldn’t turn off my mind. I don’t know how long it took me to get to sleep but it was too long.

Exercising was out of the question (yesterday, I’d gotten in all but the NT & HR).

Breakfast was a few figs and a mango/romaine smoothie that was delicious. People can’t believe that such a combination can be good but it can and is!

I was training, still, on the AP system, so I didn’t get any walking in this morning, either. I’d gone around the buildings five times, total, yesterday.

Lunch was a big banana smoothie. I think it had five bananas in it. They weren’t big ones so it wasn’t as much as a person might think.

This afternoon, I finally got to go out for a walk. I took my Micro with me and listened to Mary Bonnet’s EFT teleconference. I’m almost through the first half.

My afternoon snack was four and a half plums.

When I left work, I took the bulletins to the church and set the organ up for tomorrow. It isn’t my week to play but the girl who is scheduled begged off because it’s Communion. I had pity on her and told her I’d do it.

I stopped at the Tomato Man’s place to drop off a form I’d faxed for him. I was going to buy some tomatoes but he insisted that I take them for what I’d done. It wasn’t any great effort on my part but he’d appreciated it. He ended up giving me a whole sack full of tomatoes instead of the four that were in the cup. I think there were seven, all told.

When I got home, there was a cantaloupe that was begging to be eaten so I killed it and made a cantaloupe smoothie with half of it. It was good and creamy.

I took one of said tomatoes along with some other ripe ones I already had and put some Tajin on them but tried to use some restraint. Later, I had a salad with ::gasp!:: salt and ::double gasp!!:: olive oil. It was good but I probably sabotaged myself. An indulgence, for sure. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have looked at it that way.

Now, to the highlights (?) of yesterday. I was sitting at my desk when a person I’m barely acquainted with was in the other office. He spied me and wanted to know how I was doing. I told him fine, and before I knew what was happening, he was in my office and giving me a big hug. Now, I’m not into being hugged by almost strange men and the others thought it was hilarious. I guess he sensed that I wasn’t enthused because he took his leave.

Later, a friend called and said that she had a problem so I went to her rescue. It was close to 7 o’clock when I got home. Which is why I didn’t have time to blog last night.

Sad when two such happenings make for an exciting (?) day…

With that, I will bid you a very Happy Sabbath and sign off for tonight.

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