Not much time to write if I’m going to make it to bed on time! My buddy thinks I will and I don’t want to let her down. :>}

I got in most of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was a bad choice. About a quart of OJ with some strawberries and spinach. I had to keep running to the bathroom. You would have thought I’d had watermelon.

It was a good morning for walking so I did a couple of laps. I had an e-mail that it was time for the copier readings so I did another lap getting them.

Snack time was four peaches. Two of them were outstanding. The other two were okay.

Lunch was figs, figs, and more figs. I don’t know if they had something on them or if it’s the variety but they made my tongue sore kind of like too much pineapple.

I did two more laps this afternoon.

I was HUNGRY when I got home. I had a piece of watermelon followed by “chili” that had too much Tajin. I fixed the salad and tahini dressing that was on the menu. I ruined it with some spring mix that I got from the co-op. I have decided I just really don’t like bitter greens. I took what was left of the bag to the neighbors. I told the wife not to feel bad if they decided to chuck it.

The durian was waiting so I killed it. It was easier to split than the other one but it doesn’t have a lot more flavor. I think I’ll wait for awhile before I invest in another one. I ate one pod and I don’t believe it was a very good combo. My stomach feels a little uneasy. Of course, that could have something to do with all the salt I put on the salad to make it more palatable.

The forum is growing! Last time I checked, it was up to 107 members! If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, be like a Nike person and Just Do It!

Good night!

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