This is going to have to be very quick if I’m going to make my goal of bed by 10:30.

I got in most of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was my only green smoothie today–bananas/mangos/romaine.

Work kept me until 9:30 and then I was on my way to pick up my organic order. I was the last one there. The produce is beautiful–and plentiful. I’d asked if financing were available but I think I need more fridge room.

From there, I went to the supermarket at the university and who should I run into but my very own son! He wanted me to go to the house for a little while so I did and stayed for about a half hour. My granddaughter entertained us with the tumbling moves she has been learning. Her other grandmother was there and I got to see my DIL, too. I tried to get in touch with my sister but they weren’t home.

From there, I headed to the Asian market and picked up the things I’d ordered there. It was on to Aldi where I got only a couple of things. Wal*Mart was the last stop and then it was on to the cemetery for a drive-by. Everything was in order so I continued on.

I’d taken some bananas and celery and had munched on both until they were gone–four pretty good-sized nanners and a snack baggie full of celery.

When I got in the house and unloaded, I had several figs (both from my order and the tree), a large piece of watermelon and some “chili”.

I’d tried to contact the co-worker who had me pick up some young coconut and finally got through. We agreed to meet not far from here. I got there a few minutes before she did and was working on my nails when she drove up. We made the swap of coconut for money and I came home–again.

I’ve caught up on some e-mails and posted on the forum. I started checking the Mastery forum but I think I’m going to have to let that go for now.

Good night! Sleep tight!

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