I got up fairly late even though I got to bed earlier than usual. Like a half hour?

Breakfast was a bowl of cherries (Life is just?), four peaches, and two bananas.

Church lasted longer than usual but it was good. My only participation was playing the organ. The piano did have a little more volume. It had been worked on yesterday.

I talked to one of my daughter’s former schoolmates after the service. It was nice to catch up, though she was asking me more questions that I was asking her. She is doing well and was with a handsome man.

When I got home, I blended up a half gallon of watermelonade and had at it. Then I had a large bowl of tomatoes and Tajin. It was almost too much but I got it all down.

The sun was behind some clouds but I decided I would try for half an hour. I toasted my front, turned over, and 2.5 minutes into toasting my back, it started raining. I hated to come in but I wasn’t in the mood to get rained on. I had some gazpacho (more tomatoes), then a mango, and more tomatoes with Tajin. Today was a tomato day. I don’t know. I just wanted them. Better than eating a big old juicy steak. Not that I ever have but…

This evening, I went out and looked for figs. I found and ate a few. Breakfast this morning was supposed to be Figs and Friends but I don’t have enough to do anything like a recipe. Since figs need lots of water, I strung the hose across and have the water running very slowly to soak the ground. I’ll let it go all night tonight and see how it’s doing in the morning.

I needed to do some on my Mastery material but all I got done was the printing. Guess that’s progress.

And now I’m going to bed. Good night!

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