Well, folks, it’s late again and I slept in so long this morning that I didn’t have any time at all to exercise.

Breakfast was a huge banana/last organic pear/romaine smoothie that I finished drinking in Managed Care. It was a nice shade of green but it drew the usual YUCK comments while the refrigerator was full of dead body parts that people were planning to eat for lunch.

The physical therapist started telling about his in-laws trying to eat healthier food. They grind their own flour and buy organic meat. To me, that’s still not too healthy but it’s progress. Maybe if they saw this it would speed the process along. I had to download the file before I could watch it and it’s not pretty. Someone on the BEM forum said that things have changed but from reading Mad Cowboy, I’m sure that’s only when the authorities are watching. From some of the things I’ve read, the movie is pretty tame.

I went out and did a couple of laps. It was really nice this morning.

For my snack, I had some watermelon left from what I ate yesterday afternoon. It hadn’t improved any overnight.

Lunch was five bananas blended with a little water. I hadn’t had that for a long time (it was on the menu) and it was really sweet. The bananas were some I’d bought for 29 cents a lub yesterday.

After I got through eating (drinking), I did one lap. It was pretty hot so I stopped at that.

On up in the afternoon, I snagged a tomato out of a box in the breakroom and had it with a sprinkle of Tajin ::gasp!::

I stopped by the store and got a pineapple and some pears. The woman in line in front of me wanted to know if I’m on a fruit diet. I told her no, but I do eat a lot of fruit. She commented that it’s good for me. I know! She had bought dog food and 10 candy bars along with a few other things.

Tomato soup was on the menu for supper along with a kale salad. My cilantro was getting to be kind of droopy so I opted for gazpacho and a regular salad. Avocado was included with the kale but I went a different route with some cashew dressing instead. With some salt ::gasp! again:: I will probably be back up to 124 in the morning.

I’ve cropped and resized some pictures for a couple of the BEM members and will probably be doing some more over time. They have to be EXACTLY 80×80 pixels or they are distorted. And most of them aren’t 80×80. There are some lopsided heads on there and I know the people don’t look that way. One woman’s picture must be 2×2 pixels. It’s just a dot. She calls it a speck but it’s small even for that.

The new forum member got her message posted today. It’s worth reading so take a trip over there by clicking on the forum link at the top of this post or at the bottom.

It’s not getting any earlier so I’m going to go to bed. Good night!

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