My exercises today consisted of almost everything except for the NT and HR. I had to give up and get ready for work. You know that’s a four letter word. I’m thankful I have a job, though, and one that I enjoy even though I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today.

Breakfast was an OJ/peach/spinach smoothie and it was GOOD. I finished it on the way to that four letter word place.

Before the third registrar had to take off to man (woman?) the clinic, I took a couple of turns around the buildings. Later on, I did a third lap.

I’d packed a couple of mangos for a snack but I never got around to eating them. My lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and I followed that with the mangos. One of the people sitting at the table tried a bite of mango and loved it. I had told one of the regular Lunch Bunch that I was putting in my order for organic produce. Her grandson loves mango so she and the other person are going to split a box. They are eight count so they’ll each end up with four. I’ve eaten that many in a day lots of times. And people think I go hungry???

After I finished eating, I went out and did a couple more roundabouts.

I stopped on the way home and got some ripe bananas and half a dozen mangos. They are small (the latter) but they look like nice ones. They were 59 cents each.

Once unloaded, I had some watermelon. It’s nothing to write home about. After I finished, I wasn’t especially hungry so I didn’t make the suggested green smoothie. I’d already had over half a gallon today, anyway.

Sometime later, I had some tomatoes with cumin. They were homegrown and quite tasty.

This evening, I got an e-mail from a new forum member. She has made my day–maybe my week. She told me about her experience eating raw and I’ve encouraged her to post it on the forum. When she does, you’ll all have to go over there and read it.

In the meantime, anyone who is perusing this blog who isn’t a forum member needs to mosey over there and join up. Swell the crowd and dare to learn something. And what’s more, you can contribute your own thoughts!

Good night!

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