I’m impressed! I was eating some Bing cherries this afternoon and some of the juice squirted and made a big stain on the t-shirt I was wearing. Now it isn’t something I wear anywhere but at home. To begin with, it’s a 3X and I’m not. Anyway, I took it into the bathroom and got out a spray bottle of peroxide and sprayed the spots with it. I put it on the side of the tub and figured it was a lost cause. When I went back in to look at it later, there was no sign of the stain! And it didn’t take the color out of the shirt. Whaddya know! Something that is making the rounds of the WWW really works! Plus, I have a confession to make. My hair was getting to be rather drab so I took another suggestion from the list of things peroxide will do and put it on my hair. After a few mornings of spraying my freshly washed, towel-dried hair, one of the registrars came into my office, sat down and said, “What have you done to your hair?” I said, “Peroxide.” She said, “No, really–what have you done to it?” I repeated, “Peroxide.” She said, “Well, whatever you did, it sure looks good!” Then my friend from Materials wanted to know the same thing. When I went back and read the list of uses for peroxide, it advised using it in a 50-50 solution with water and I’d used it full-strength. I don’t use it every day now. It’s more like occasionally. It makes for a very gradual change and there are no “roots”.

And now for my day. I got up and weighed and I was a few ozzies over 123. When I measured, I was down by 1.75″ from last week. I exercised and did all of my routine and then some.

Today was potluck day so I started it off with Orange ‘n Peach Nectar. It was four oranges, juiced, blended with four peaches (peeled), and a couple squirts of agave nectar. I blended it until it was creamy and it was so good! MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

That kept me going for awhile. I let the morning slip by without getting any sun. It was nice out, too. Pity.

Lunch was a big bowl of tomatoes with cumin.

My daughter called for our weekly visit and we talked for over an hour. They are still having a problem with a squirrel getting their tomatoes. I asked her if it’s just one critter and she thinks it is. My son-in-law would like to trap it and take it off unless he does it in first. While we were talking, I checked the fig tree. It’s going to have to get with the program if I get any decent figs off of it this year. They are still small and hard.

I fixed a big blender full of watermelonade with the rest of the not-too-sweet watermelon. It was good and I’m glad that one’s gone. I put another one in the fridge to chill.

Since I didn’t want to have to cut my sunning short to go to the bathroom, I waited awhile before going outside. I stayed for half an hour. It was still nice out. For most of the time, it was overcast and the temperature was a balmy 80 degrees. The cicadas were buzzing and there was noise from some faraway lawn mowers. Besides the birds singing, it was quiet.

When I came in, it was to get a coconut and take it out on the steps for The Killing. It was borderline young so I froze the meat I didn’t eat after I drank the water. I do hope the other two are more immature.

After a decent amount of time, I had quite a few Bing cherries with the juice getting on my shirt. I forgot that I had some the other day, too. It was Friday, I think. Not that it matters at this point.

My supper was gumbo. It was a mix of tomatoes, both fresh and sun dried, okra, corn, onion, a little garlic, celery, parsley, basil, curry powder, cayenne, agave nectar, and I think that’s all. Definitely not optimal but it was good for a change of pace. It makes a very thick and hearty “stew”. I thought about having some cashews but I decided on half an avocado that was left from the other day. I ended it up with a Peruvian sun dried olive and they are growing on me. What I have will last me for a long time, though.

So now it’s time to go to bed and I will bid you all a good night. Join the forum!

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