Here I am after a late night last night and a long day today, still awake! I slept in this morning and didn’t have time to do my vision therapy, let alone exercise anything else. Since I got to bed at 1 am, I think I was entitled.

Breakfast was a smoothie of OJ and frozen strawberries. It was double delicious! I could have downed more than the little over a quart I had but it was all gone.

It was pretty hot today–the high was 100 degrees. I took one turn around the building this morning and let that be that except for walking between the buildings a few times.

I filled in to go to the bank and post office. There’s a brave couple who have set up a fruit/veggie stand where the other one used to be. I got a couple of ears of corn from them and two watermelons.

Lunch was Fred’s Mom’s Salad–a big one. I used the last mango from Florida and it was a sad time. The other one was, I think, from Wal*Mart and it was surprisingly good. I got some more there yesterday and I hope they hold to the standard. I cut up the tomatoes and was in the process of starting to mix it when I took the container of coconut out of the bag and there was another tomato! So…I had two good-sized mangos, three tomatoes, half a medium red onion, and a good handful of cilantro. It was most satisfying! Though I could have eaten more. That would have been piggish and I didn’t have any more ingredients with me, anyway.

Later, I had a little coconut and shared with whoever wanted some. I brought a lot of it home.

After I ate, I got a little drowsy so I went out and made my way around the building again.

This afternoon, I worked on my annual competency. The administrator has all of the department heads do their own and then she does them. I hate it but I got bold this time and gave myself a better score than last year. I’ll have to finish it up tomorrow and get busy on the ones for my staff.

When I got home and unloaded, I made myself some watermelonade. It wasn’t as good as usual and I found out why. I had juiced the lime and, after I drank the mixture, I found the lime juice still in the juicer. I drank it by itself. After that, I killed another coconut and drank the water. I didn’t eat much of the meat since I’d already had some today. I scooped it out and took what was left from work, put it together and froze it.

BTW, the papaya was languishing in the fridge so I cut it up last night and put it in the dehydrator. It wasn’t sweet at all so when I sampled it this evening, I put some agave nectar on it and it’s pretty tasty that way. It reminds me of the sweetened dehydrated papaya I used to buy at the university supermarket.

My supper was “gumbo”. One of the girls at work had brought me some tomatoes. I peeled and chopped two of them, mixed in some chopped parsley, sliced okra, diced onion (Vidalia), minced garlic, a tiny sprinkle each of cayenne and black pepper (first of that I’ve had in, probably, a year and a half). I also added a little curry powder. Even though the spices were a very little part of it, there was a lot of heat. Oh, I cut off an ear of corn and put that in, too.

That’s it for my food today. And now for another announcement! I didn’t win the contest Sunday but I did place. I came in third. You can see the winning creations here. I’d like to see the others, too. I know there were several who entered besides the three of us. I had posted descriptions of my food on the forum rather than e-mailing them. I’ve had the pictures on here, anyway, but the other presentations are beautiful and they look like they’d taste good, too. One nice thing about BES is that there is a community of people who all eat the way I do!

It’s getting on toward 10 o’clock. I think I’ll go take care of business and go to bed. Good night!

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