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I should be snoozing but I’m not. I got up in time to get in about 25 minutes of exercising this morning. I couldn’t go for three days in a row and not do something.

I put the ingredients for my smoothie into the blender and and took it to work that way. It was bananas/blueberries/celery.

Since my breakfast was sorta late, I didn’t have a snack.

I did a couple of turns around the building before it got really hot. The high in the town on the other side of the mountain was 102 but it “only” got to 98 where I was. I’m going to leave WeatherBug on my work town rather than my address town since I’m down there more. Right now, there’s just a little over four degrees difference between here and there. Here is cooler.

Lunch was peaches, mangos, bananas, and lettuce on the side. I used my mango splitter on the first mango and only succeeded in mashing the juice out of it. Methinks it’s a good idea but not very effective. It isn’t big enough for the usual size ones. I didn’t try it on my Florida mangos.

I’d promised the girls I would make some salsa to bring today so I did that this morning. I ate some and it tasted good but the salt in it seems to have irritated my bladder. I don’t have the control I usually do. I haven’t embarrassed myself but it’s made it difficult at times.

On the way home, I swung by the store and stocked up for the weekend.

There were big black clouds covering the sky when I drove into the driveway. It held off until I got everything unloaded and into the house. Then it opened up and poured. I don’t think it ever really stormed but there was a lot of wind and rain.

Supper was Red Soup, a mixture of red sweet pepper, tomato, and celery. It was decent but it didn’t blow me away. Then I had a salad of romaine, tomato, and dulse flakes with a dressing made with tomato, avocado, agave nectar, dill, and (gasp!) apple cider vinegar. I didn’t like it a whole lot, either, and I dumped a lot of it into the garbage. Win some, lose some. I’d gotten some corn yesterday from the people who were selling it at the hospital before–they gave me four ears and wouldn’t let me pay for it–so I shucked an ear, cut it off, and mixed it with some salsa. Now, that was yummy! Not optimal but yummy!

I forgot yesterday that I’d had mango in the afternoon and corn to top off my last meal of the day.

Tomorrow, I “get” to play the organ. The piano is still out of pocket. I did so hope that it would be sitting there when I took the bulletins in but it wasn’t.

I’d better get to bed! Happy Sabbath!

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