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Thirty minutes until my bedtime! Can she make it? Will she try? Yes, she’ll try! Let’s hide and watch and see what happens!

Well, I’ve fooled around and the 30 minutes is past and I’m just getting back to this so, no, she won’t make it. 🙁

One of the women from Roger’s forum is going to FL to Disney World for the first time and was “picking my brain” about how I did there. I told her that one of the women in BES (and she’s also a member of my forum) has this card to show at a restaurant:

Raw Card

I’m going to make one up and have the things I would prefer on it. I plan to make them business card size and have my blog and forum addresses on the other side. I won’t try to get mine back. Hers is laminated so it’s reusable.

I got up and did all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was supposed to be a fruit salad but that takes longer to prepare and eat so I opted to switch breakfast with lunch. It was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie.

It was promising to be a very hot day today and it was. The high temp on the other side of the mountain was 104. The station where I was isn’t online tonight for some reason. Maybe they need to reboot! I decided I would get out and walk early so I did one turn around the hospital in my SIZE 8 PANTS! I had to get that in there some way! I bid on and won some slacks from eBay. They are 10’s and are almost too big. They just got here yesterday.

My snack was a couple of peaches. YUMMY! Oh, the peaches I froze in orange juice last night have kept their color! That would be a good trick even if a person was still into using sugar. It adds a nice flavor.

I walked halfway around the hospital and back. It was really hot by that time.

Lunch was a banana/mango/romaine salad. It was good but my lunch was interrupted by one of the nurses drafting me to show her something on the computer. It really was an emergency so I didn’t mind. Too much, anyway.

On the way home, I stopped and got a box of tomatoes and some that were ripe. My friend, the Tomato Man, was in a story-telling mood and it wasn’t until someone else drove up that I could gracefully take my leave.

When I got home, I had my salad of romaine, cucumber, and little Romas, dressed with blueberry dressing. It was good! It had been on the menu before but I’d never gotten around to fixing it for one reason or another. It was supposed to have arugula in it but what I had was already stinky. As were the baby greens. I’m going to quit buying prepared salads. It’s like buying compost. I was supposed to have a spinach/arugula soup after the salad but there was no way I could make it so I just ate the avocado that was to go in it and a couple of corn/flax crisps I’d made–they tasted kind of like hay–and that was that.

And now I’m going to feed Twinkle and go to bed! Good night!

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