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I’d planned to be in bed 45 minutes ago but life’s what happens… I’m finding out that, when I migrated the blog to my domain, I needed more settings than I put in and the archives aren’t there. I can see everything in my create/edit posts but I don’t have the pathway set for them […]

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Boy oh boy! It has rained off and on all day today! It’s been nice since we need it badly. Exercising had to be cut to 30 minutes this morning so I didn’t get everything in. Breakfast was a smoothie of bananas, strawberries, and what spinach I could salvage which wasn’t much. It didn’t keep […]

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The storm is storming all around. It knocked out the Dish for awhile but it’s back up. I have it on the Food Network so I can find out about all the food I’m not eating. I got to bed on time last night but I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 a.m. I […]

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It’s been a busy busy day in my neck of the woods. My son-in-law has been helping me with some technical stuff plus I’ve been doing some down and dirty cleaning. I fixed the leaky commode in my bathroom, too. Plus I did all my exercises and lay in the sun for an hour. Breakfast […]

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Here I am again! And it’s getting on toward my bedtime. “Supprise, supprise, supprise!” to quote Gomer Pyle. I got to bed at 10:28 last night! Who knows? I may get there even earlier tonight. Since it was Sabbath, I took a rest from exercising–as if that’s the only day that’s happened this week. Breakfast […]

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I’m going to try to get this done quickly so I can GO TO BED! I overslept this morning because, even though I got to bed at 10:31 last night, I couldn’t turn off my mind. I don’t know how long it took me to get to sleep but it was too long. Exercising was […]

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I’ve been working on the bulletin and am just about out of time to get through and get to bed when I’m supposed to. I’m going to have to update another time. The pastor told me that he’d sent the info this morning but I haven’t gotten it. I have a feeling that he sent […]

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Gotta get in gear! It’s getting on toward my bedtime! I was all ready to go to bed last night when I realized I hadn’t started charging my MP3 player that I got off eBay. I bought it so I can listen to the material I missed during the Body Enlightenment System. I want to […]

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Not much time to write if I’m going to make it to bed on time! My buddy thinks I will and I don’t want to let her down. :>} I got in most of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was a bad choice. About a quart of OJ with some strawberries and spinach. I had […]

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This is going to have to be very quick if I’m going to make my goal of bed by 10:30. I got in most of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was my only green smoothie today–bananas/mangos/romaine. Work kept me until 9:30 and then I was on my way to pick up my organic order. I […]

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