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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle I don’t have a whole lot of time left to blog tonight but I’ll try to type faster than usual. This was my morning to oversleep, I guess. If it wasn’t, I did, anyway. I only had time to exercise for 20 minutes but that’s the goal for the Body Enlightenment […]

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Click to join rawfoodlifestyle Roger says I need to get more rest so I’m trying to listen to the coach. Last night, I was able to sleep pretty well except for having to get up numerous times to go to the bathroom. I hadn’t “gone” that much yesterday but, after over a gallon of water […]

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There isn’t much to report today. I got up a little after 7 and started drinking water. I’d e-mailed my coach about whether or not to exercise and he said to go ahead if I felt like it. I didn’t really–I battled the scratchy throat and tender sinuses all day–but I did it, anyway. I […]

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I’ve almost been meeting myself coming back. This week has been BUSY. There was no way I could blog much last night. Yesterday, I did all of my exercises, plus I put in 30 minutes walking through the day. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie. There was another watermelon so I had a bowlful […]

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There’s just too much to tell about today so I’m going to save it for another time. My late nights have caught up with me and, for the first time since I have been eating uncooked (that’s for my sister), I am tired. So…I’m going to bed. I’m not in on the call tonight (besides, […]

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The Body Enlightenment System is getting closer! I’ve downloaded all the material and printed it off. It’s beautiful! It’s well laid out and organized and easy on the eyes. I woke up when the alarm went off this morning and got up to use the bathroom. Since I had failed to do my vision therapy […]

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Here I am and I’m sleepy!

Here I am and I’m sleepy! The call tonight was long again. I had to get back online and charge my card and get back in for the rest. I use OneSuite. It’s the best deal I’ve found. My daughter used it when she was in college. She’s the one who told me about it. […]

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I wanted to be in bed ere long now but the first teleconference for the Body Enlightenment System lasted for 52 minutes. I got in just in the nick of time for the beginning. I had been out watering my plants and had to make a dash for it. I need to go into OneSuite […]

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