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I got on the computer at 8:30, thinking I would be through and in bed soon and here I am, still.

Short and sweet, is what I say.

BodyFlexed. Did vision therapy.

Breakfast: a banana/mango/pear/romaine/spinach smoothie. Awesome! It was too much to have before I left for work so I took a quart jar into the monthly department head meeting. One woman said, “Oh, make her get out of here with that awful green stuff!” She was joking (I think) but I shot back, “I sit and watch you eat dead bodies every day and I don’t say anything.” Well, I did then but I shouldn’t have.

Walked around the building twice.

Break: three of four kiwifruit that I took with me this morning.

Lunch: “Apples in the Snow”–two apples with mashed banana sprinkled with cinnamon. Super delicious! Someone said, “Yuck” but she didn’t know what she was missing.

Walked around the building once.

Munched on little Romas and cherry tomatoes off and on all day. Finished the salsa that I’d taken to work the other day.

I stopped at the Tomato Man’s stand on the way home and bought a few tomatoes. He had a box he was willing to sell me but I took a raincheck.

Supper: Raw Chili that had too many ingredients. I like my tomatoes and cumin better. I’d put some Vidalia onion in it and it was too hot. I threw out more than half of the chili and it had made a big bowl full. Romaine salad with tomato/mango dressing. Now, that was GOOD!

I’ve worked on a couple pictures from the weekend and will try to get them on here tomorrow.

Good night!

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