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This is Day 16 of the Body Enlightenment System and some of the participants are talking about flax crackers and dehydrators. I’m glad I’m past that phase. It’s time-consuming and not too nutritious. Flax should be eaten immediately after grinding, if not sooner. 🙂

I went back to bed this morning, planning to sleep for another half hour. I got up after five minutes. Just couldn’t lie there when there was so much to do.

Since I did go ahead and get up, I had plenty of time to exercise all my body parts. My buddy has an old hip injury so I sent her the link for BodyFlex. I doubt she would be able to do the squats but she should be able to handle everything else. And the breathing makes a person feel so good!

My forum friend and I have decided that we are twins separated at birth by evil SAD eaters. Actually, that’s what she said and I agree. Bless her heart, she had a rough weekend. That’s what happens sometimes, though. She’s participating in BES and it seems to be doing her a lot of good.

Breakfast was a banana smoothie. That’s right. Five bananas blended with nothing else. I could have added water but I don’t do that if I can keep from it.

One of my monthly duties is getting the readings off all the copiers. I took the long way around and walked for 20 minutes in the process. When I took the stuff over for the courier, I put in another eight minutes walking. I got almost 30 minutes.

My snack was four kiwifruit. I have another dozen organic ones.

Lunch was a mango/spinach smoothie. It was delicious!

I’d taken the salsa and it went begging in the office. I refuse to foot the bill for the salsa AND chips, especially since I don’t eat the chips myself. Salsa can cost a tidy sum to make. I finally took it to the break room. I was going to take it home since it didn’t seem to be getting eaten, either, when I walked in and one of the nurses was eating it on crackers. She was distressed that I was going to take it home so I put what was left in the fridge to put out again tomorrow.

I stopped by the supermarket to get a few things I need but everything was either too old or non-existent. I put my market basket back and came on home.

The rest of the watermelon from yesterday went into a bowl and then into my stomach. I blended up some mangos, peaches, and romaine for a smoothie and I’m through.

A friend who has a trucking company called and wanted to know if I would like to buy some peaches. They are supposed to be really good ones so I’m getting $8 worth. I don’t know exactly how many there will be but he said a half bushel. I hardly think so since that would be cheap by today’s standards so we’ll see.

Better get to bed. I’m trying to do better!

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