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Today has been one more day! I started out by getting up before the alarm went off. I exercised everything except for the Healthrider and I ran out of time. I mixed up my routine some on purpose and took my shower then instead of waiting until right before I walked out the door. My hair air-dried.

Breakfast was half a large luscious honeydew. It was sugary sweet.

My hair did okay without a blowdryer. It saved me some time, too.

I got to work on time this morning. How about that! It was pretty wild. There were people lined up for outpatient work. I don’t care how many goals I might set for myself, I had to do the work that was in front of me so I did.

Mid-morning, I managed to get out long enough to do 15 minutes of walking. Then it was back to work.

Lunch was four bananas. I was supposed to have romaine, too, but I didn’t have time to go get any.

The peaches were on my desk when I got to work and they are beautiful! I think she’ll go back at least one more time this summer. Elbertas should be in early next month. I don’t know if they grow that variety or not but it’s my favorite.

The call to meet up with my organic food runner came in earlier than usual so I left work a little before my regular time to quit. It was pretty hot so I parked in the shade and waited. I perused the manual that came with my car and learned a few things. She got there and we transferred everything. What I got filled three big coolers plus some. Quite a haul.

When I got home and unloaded, I had a peach from the organic order and one of the others. Plus I had a couple dozen of the best Bing cherries (organic) that I have ever tasted.

I worked on getting things in the fridge and then made a big salad of romaine, diced tomato, diced cucumber, diced avocado, slivered red onion, dressed with OJ. It was amazingly good! I was supposed to make an avocado dressing with much the same ingredients but I prefer it my way. And that’s okay.

Later, I finished getting all 10 heads of romaine in the fridge and updated on the forums. And it’s late and I’m going to bed.

BTW, the katydids are holding forth. When I was a young girl, my mother taught a group of us a song about katydids. “Katy did! She didn’t! Katy did! She didn’t! She did! She didn’t! She did! She didn’t! All afternoon, they clung to that tune and it doesn’t seem likely they’ll finish it soon!”, etc., etc. What we don’t remember! I don’t know about other places but the katydids around here katydid at night.

Sleep tight!

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