I’ve almost been meeting myself coming back. This week has been BUSY. There was no way I could blog much last night.

Yesterday, I did all of my exercises, plus I put in 30 minutes walking through the day. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie. There was another watermelon so I had a bowlful of it. Lunch was a banana/spinach/mango smoothie, tomatoes, and I don’t think I’d thought to take a cucumber.

Several weeks ago, the pastor’s wife had invited me out for supper last night. I went and grocery shopped until time to go out there. Before I started up the mountain, I went back to the hospital and fixed a banana/mango/spinach smoothie and got the mango sorbet out of the fridge.

When I got to the house, the pastor was there but his wife and kids were running late. We sat out on the front porch and visited in the meantime.

The others made it home and she started putting out fruit for the meal. There was a big variety but I stuck mostly to a banana, some strawberries and grapes (not a good combination but I don’t always combine well. I won’t itemize everything because, if the pastor sends the pictures, you’ll see it. We shared the smoothie and they all pronounced it “really good.” I also had mango sorbet, and then a second helping and a third. Their son had a real yen for it and kept asking for more. I’d taken a pretty good-sized container of it so it fed the five of us.

I finally got the pictures uploaded and here they are:

Pureed Mango

This is the puree just put into the bowl.

Beginning to Freeze

Beginning to freeze.

Ready to Eat

Ready to eat

I’ll have to agree that it is yummy!

After the food was put on the table, the pastor got out his camera and took several pictures. I’ve asked him to send me some so I can post them.

I didn’t stay too late, but, as it was, it was after 9 when I got home. I put the quick comment on the blog and went to bed.

This morning, I got up after nine hours (yes! nine hours!) in bed. I felt better today but I still have a way to go until I’m caught up on my sleep.

Since it is Sabbath, I didn’t exercise. I had my full glass of water this morning, forgetting that I shouldn’t do that when I’m going to play the organ. The piano is still out of commission. I had OJ and a banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie.

I made it through the church service and came on home. Today was the general potluck but I didn’t take anything so I didn’t stay. I had a big piece of watermelon when I got home. After some half hour, I had some tomatoes with cumin. I was supposed to have a lot of fruit today so I ate three nectarines. I topped it all off with a salad a little before 6. I didn’t get finished by 6 o’clock but I think that was when I was supposed to eat rather than be through. That’s when the BES program officially started. I “cheated” a little with a sprinkle of salt and some cashew dressing with some celery, garlic, and onion powder in it. I had romaine and cucumber for the salad.

Now to backtrack. Before I had supper, I went out and lay in the sun for half an hour. I almost went to sleep.

Supper is supposed to be the last meal until 6 tomorrow evening. I’m not to do anything strenuous, but rest, write in my workbook, journal (that’s what this is), etc., etc. I will have to do laundry but I don’t think that would qualify as strenuous.

My coach contacted me with the name of my buddy. Both are male. I have a female-type person I’m going to keep in touch with, too. That isn’t official, though.

So…with that, I bid you all a fond good night!

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