Here I am and I’m sleepy!

Here I am and I’m sleepy! The call tonight was long again. I had to get back online and charge my card and get back in for the rest. I use OneSuite. It’s the best deal I’ve found. My daughter used it when she was in college. She’s the one who told me about it. Two of my sisters use it and I’ve signed up several people outside the family. If any of you decide to sign up, enter 01CT52096 in the Promotion/SuiteTreat Code and I’ll get 20 free minutes! That’s 58 cents worth. Every little bit counts!

I got up past my usual time because I didn’t have to go anywhere. I exercised all my body parts and had some OJ then changed into my mismatched suit and went out in the sun for 45 minutes.

After I got back in, I had a huge piece of watermelon. Later on, I had some “chili” sans salt. Enough mangos were ripe to make some sorbet. I took some pictures of the process but I’m having problems with them again. The recipe is:

Mango Sorbet
4 cups cubed mango
The juice of one orange
Agave nectar to taste
A dash of sea salt

Put all ingredients in the food processor and puree. Transfer to a La Glaciere or other ice cream freezer and run until frozen. Put any leftovers in a container in the freezer. Since this is very dense it will freeze rock hard, so remove it from the freezer ahead of time to allow it to thaw enough to spoon.

It is delicious! I licked all the things used in the preparation and had small bowl full of it, then got it out later and had some more. The one thing I didn’t do that I should have–I should have strained it. There are enough strings in these mangos to floss my teeth every time I eat one. That’s why I’ve been using them in smoothies all the time. The strings gathered on the blades of the La Glaciere. I tried not to get them into the container but I think some may have slipped through. Later on, I had three peaches with agave nectar.

I wasn’t terribly hungry today so I didn’t have any bananas and no greens (probably not a good thing but I wasn’t in the mood). For supper I had some tomato soup–tomatoes, yellow sweet pepper, celery, and really raw cashews. I didn’t feel so good afterward. Those are the first nuts I’ve had since the Green Cleanse started. I’ll live, but I’ll be more careful next time.

The forum is up to 41 members. There hasn’t been a lot of activity today but people were probably out celebrating the 4th. I had a quiet day at home and that’s what I wanted. I watched a little of the Boston Pops fireworks and I can hear some being set off around here. It’s been storming some today and has rained more tonight. It rained me out of getting any sun this afternoon but that’s okay. I got more than usual as it is.

Good night!

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  1. Anonymous July 18, 2006 at 3:36 pm #

    hey thanks for the recipe, i will indeed give it a shot, but i am hopeless in the kitchen. and, i use onesuite too, good service, i just need to make more long-distance friends!


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