It is late! My clock has just chimed 11. I need to get to bed but I had quite a day and I’m going to have to suck it up and put it into words.

I didn’t sleep much last night, either. Maybe six hours. I got up a little after six after being awake for an hour. I lay there because I could.

Seems the salt in the Tajin put a pound back on me. I was up to a little less than 129. I measured and I’d gained 1/4 inch overall.

I did all of my exercises for a change and then had OJ, some plums, a peach, (I had a peach yesterday, too, that I failed to include) and a two banana/two mango/romaine smoothie for breakfast.

Today was the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my brother-in-law and his “first wife”. I hadn’t quite decided to go but, about 11, I called my nephew and confimed the time. It was an hour earlier than I’d thought so I got a move on, leapt into the shower, did my hair, dressed, grabbed three bananas, a lime, and a bottle of Evian and ran out the door.

After doing a “drive by” of Mother’s grave and making some dumb moves on the way there, I made it. I was a few minutes late but the plan was to have the guests there to surprise the honored couple when they walked in the door. We had a chance to visit as people filtered in. There was quite a spread. The sons (three of them) had gone all out. There was ravioli and bread sticks from the Olive Garden, a huge salad, grapes, and various dishes prepared by the Church Ladies. When I talked to my nephew, he told me there was a salad. Oh, in addition to that, there was punch, cake, mints, and three three gallon tubs of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. Mercifully, it wasn’t Rum Raisin or I might have had a problem. The a/c was laboring with so many people in the room. When I got ready to eat my bananas, I went out and sat on the porch where it was cooler. A nice golden retriever came and kept me company.

When I went back in, I waited until the line was almost through and took a plate over for salad. The rest of the people had been served in small bowls. The lady put some salad on the plate and asked if that were enough. I requested more but my concept of a large salad and hers were definitely different. It was only polite to leave some for the others, though, so I took it and thanked her. I squeezed my lime over it and it was quite tasty. It was the first salad I’d had in over three weeks.

The couple was overwhelmed by all the attention. Two of the sons read “histories” of the family and they were really good. Hopefully, they will be e-mailed to the rest of us. Pictures were taken of four generations, there were lots of hugs and tears, and everyone generally had a good time.

The crowd began to thin out and I took my leave, too. I swooped down the mountain (there are lots of those around here) my plan was to go to the organic grocery but it was getting on up in the afternoon so I went to the university store instead. I was in the market for watermelon and they had some nice ones. There’s a man in produce who is known for picking out good ones so I had him select three for me. They are humongous. He also fetched me a box of oranges. Along with those, I got organic romaine, organic celery, spinach, peaches, nectarines, and plums. I don’t think I’ll go hungry!

It was home, James, and don’t spare the horses. When I got in and unloaded, I put everything away. I put the watermelons on the floor by the entrance to the kitchen and Twinkle eyed them suspiciouly. When I set one of them down, it jarred a bell that’s sitting there and she jumped at the noise and looked hard at the melon.

My daughter had called and left a message so I called her back. My son-in-law answered the phone and we talked for a little bit before my daughter and I had our visit. They had their first tomato out of their “garden” and she said it was “pretty good.” I ate a big bowl of watermelon while we talked. It wasn’t delicious. It was the one I got the other day and it’s seedless. I’m going to take the rest of it to work tomorrow and make watermelonade out of it. I’ll share with the others who have to be there.

I’d put my last ear of corn on the dehydrator to knock the chill off. I ate it while I watched a little TV. Then I had a salad (the one at lunch had whetted my appetite for it) of romaine, cucumber, tomato, and avocado dressed with lime juice. The avocado was small so I put the whole thing in.

Well, folks, that was my day. I put a hundred or so miles on my car and lived through it. At least I didn’t have as far to go as the relatives from NC. And now I’m going to bed.

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