Okay! Here we go! I finally gave in and uploaded the two pictures to Flickr. That’s not what I wanted to do, but that’s something that happens to all of us, right?


These pictures are a reminder of what has been displayed early on. They were taken on my trip to NY for my daughter’s wedding. She and her husband were married in Central Park.

Full Frontal Fat 073005

The fat pictures were taken on July 30, 2005, after I’d already lost 20 pounds. So…I was really obese in the first pictures.

Full Frontal Fat 062406

Here I am on June 24, 2006. I can definitely see a difference.


Here are the original twins. Which twin has the Toni? Boy, that dates me. I know there will be people who have no idea what I’m talking about.


Once again, this is on my first anniversary of eating raw, uncooked, etc.

Ready for Church

And here I am, ready to walk out the door to go to church. I’m sure I feel better than I look.

Except for the Flickr photos, you can click on the pictures and see them in all their full-sized glory. [Note: Opera users can right-click on the picture and then left click on Open Image.]

And now to today. I let the time get by again and didn’t get in the NT or HR. I did all the rest and got to work just about on time after my OJ. I had my banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie after I got to work. I got out and walked around the building and I timed myself this time. I was surprised. It only took 10 minutes.

My snack was about eight or so plums. Lunch was a banana/mango (one of the good ones)/spinach smoothie, some chunked up tomatoes (I shared some with the rest), and a cucumber. I ate one spear with the skin on but it was kind of tough so I peeled the rest.

When I got home, I had watermelon, tomatoes with watercress, half an avocado, and the last ear of corn. The corn might not have been a good combo with the rest but I couldn’t let it go any longer and it did taste good!

With that, I will let everyone rest. Don’t forget to go to Raw Food Lifestyle and join! I gained another member today–Roger! Now, if he will participate, we can have some real expert input!

Good night!

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  1. pineapplesun June 28, 2006 at 5:16 am #

    Well Done Tommie! you’re looking amazing!

  2. Tommie June 28, 2006 at 5:38 am #

    Thank you! I feel amazing which is even better!

    Have you given any thoughts to joining me on the forum? I need lots of input to make this go. It’s still buried ‘way down in the directory where no one will be able to find it without searching forever.

    Come post some good questions, answers, or tips!

  3. Anonymous June 28, 2006 at 6:21 pm #

    You look wonderful you have truly inspired me to try out the raw eating plan. You look amazing. Take Care.

  4. Tommie June 28, 2006 at 7:30 pm #

    Thank you! I appreciate your appreciation! This has been the biggest adventure of my life. There have been other things that have been more exciting like the births of my children, grandchildren, milestones of that sort, but for absolutely mindblowing results, this is it. I was talking to my daughter the other day and asked her who woulda thunk I’d still be eating raw a year later and she had to admit that she had been surprised. She’s the one who got me into it! She still eats a lot raw but not 100%.

    If you haven’t done it yet, mosey over to the forum at http://snipurl.com/sf3a and sign up! We’re up to a round dozen! Yea!

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