52 weeks!

BTW, this is the last time I’ll be posting the number of weeks. From now on, I’ll let the ticker do the counting. And if the ticker dies, I’ll just let everyone know when the years roll by. June 24, 2005. That was the first day eating 100% raw. I was looking back at some of my early meals and they were something else! Roger let me know that I was eating too much of a variety at each meal. When I learned more about food combining and how many calories I needed (I was eating too few and too many of the ones I was getting were fat), I immediately started feeling better. Being tired and spacey became a thing of the past.

Since my tumble last night, I stayed in bed too long and didn’t have time to exercise. I have some sore spots but no visible bruising. And better yet–no broken bones!

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine/pear smoothie. It was my last pear. I’ll have to go get some more soon.

The co-op order was coming in this morning so I left work about 9:45 CDT and drove for more than an hour to get there. The driver was getting ready to unload the truck when I pulled up. The person who was coordinating everything pointed out a spot for me to park so I got all squared away and waited. She gave me my invoice and I started to go ahead and write a check but I figured I’d see what my produce was like. She marked off the upcharge which I appreciated. The driver, with an attitude of “by the way” said, “They didn’t send the produce.” She was shocked. She looked into the truck like it might appear if she concentrated but nothing came of it. She was very apologetic and told the other person who was there just for produce that I’d driven for over an hour to get there. I said that, when I’d ordered from that particular distributor (there are two of them), I hadn’t gotten much of what I’d put in for and that the quality was lacking and I wouldn’t be ordering from them again. She didn’t blame me at all. I may bow out of the co-op this summer, anyway, because the person who usually picks it up would have to leave everything in her hot van all afternoon and that couldn’t be good for it. I gave the invoice back and took my leave.

I’d taken some food with me but didn’t eat any of it except for a couple of nectarines. They had fuzzy skin that would have probably been better done away with but I was driving. The first one was okay but the second was blow-me-away delicious and juicy. I was wiping sticky off the steering wheel the rest of the day.

Not wanting to let the trip be for naught, I stopped at Books-A-Million to use the bathroom and see what they might have in uncookbooks. There was nothing new so I got back into the car and, from there, I decided I would go to the Asian market and get a durian for my celebration tomorrow. My plan was to eat myself silly on all the durian I wanted but that was not to be either! There was no durian to be had. There were some nice mangos and papaya, though, so I bought mangos and papaya. Turns out that I got a discount with the case lot. The little lady was very nice and carried my purchase out to the car for me. I went back and asked directions to an organic market I knew was nearby and she told me saying, “You can’t miss it.”

I pulled out of the parking lot and went the direction I knew the market to be. And guess what?! I could miss it. When I realized that the name of the street I was on had changed, I turned around and went back and there it was. The parking lot was almost full but I finally found a spot and disengaged myself from the car. There were some beautiful plants for sale outside and I made up my mind to buy a sage plant and went inside. Since I was going to be buying, primarily, greens, I didn’t get a cart but picked up a basket. The place is pretty good-sized but it was crowded. I guess it’s just as well I didn’t try to navigate through all the people with a cart. I loaded up with romaine, red leaf lettuce, parsley, spinach, watercress, lemons, corn, and I think that’s all. There was lots of other stuff there but I didn’t have time or money to take advantage of it.

I came back a different way. The road goes right by the cemetery. The car just naturally turns in so I did a “drive by” of Mother’s grave. It’s getting grown up again. I came by the house to leave my purchases. I got unloaded, got everything stowed, and whizzed up a banana/spinach/mango smoothie and some “chili” to take back to work with me. When I got on that side of the mountain, I saw that it had been raining. Down at the bottom, I could tell it had been a cloudburst. Water was standing everywhere.

It was almost 2 CDT when I parked and went into the hospital. They wanted to know if I’d been through any rain and I had to tell them, “Not a drop.” One of the girls had me feel the back of her shirt where she had been out in it an hour before. It was still wet. I had about a half dozen plums and then I started in on my smoothie and got to work when it came another downpour. I had to go watch. It was coming down in sheets and the wind was blowing so hard that it was threatening to take the awning that goes from the front entrance to the drive. That happened once. It picked it up, curled it up into a ball, and deposited it on the lawn. Thankfully, it’s better anchored now.

I finished my smoothie and got into my “chili”. It was good and one of my friends stopped in to see me and we talked while I ate.

Since the mail person left early, I got to leave early, too, so I could take the mail. I’d gotten everything done that had to be done.

After the post office, I saw that the people who have the stand in town had weathered the storms. I went there and got some peaches and more plums. The woman’s hair was soaked and she was wearing a wet towel around her shoulders. I left there and got some limes at the supermarket (the organic market was out). When I went through the line, the cashier asked if they were limes. I could have said no, that they were very unripe lemons but that wouldn’t have been nice.

I dropped the bulletins by the church and didn’t set the organ up because I get a break from playing tomorrow.

My fuel indicator showed that I was getting low so I stopped and filled the car up and visited with the owner of the station for a few minutes.

I got home and checked on my plants. I need to put some compost in with them. They need something to eat, I’m sure, other than plain old potting soil.

Twinkle wanted to be fed when I got in, but I put her off. She’s supposed to get three medallions a day and she’d had two this morning. A little while ago, I gave her a couple of the beef/salmon nuggets.

The watermelons are both in the fridge. I got one out, washed it with Veggie Wash and cut it. It popped and is very red, crisp, sweet, and juicy. It may be The Standard By Which All Other Melons Are Measured. What I had was very good.

I fixed a small green smoothie with banana and romaine. The romaine was some that I had already–and I have another head of it. It isn’t anything to write home about but it gave me my needed minerals, I hope. It’s not organic and organic is more nutritious. The Girl with the Wet Shirt had given me a cucumber which I killed and ate. Then I had an ear of corn and it is good! Flavorful and rich. I couldn’t have eaten another one. I topped it all off with some “chili”. I got too much Tajin in it. It doesn’t take as much as it used to since I was off of it during the cleanse.

So that was my day. Busy from beginning to end. Happy Sabbath to all and to all a good night!

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