The bulletin is done (yea!) and I’m getting close to being ready to turn in for the night.

I got up in time to do all of my exercises but I spent so much time on other things (including vacuuming the the innards underneath the refrigerator) that I didn’t have time to do the NT or HR.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I got outside for a little less than 15 minutes. I had a couple of nectarines for my snack. One was okay but the other was so underripe that it was crunchy and I don’t like crunchy in a nectarine.

Two-thirds of the Lunch Bunch was gone today and won’t be back for a couple of weeks. They had appointed people to make fun of my food while they are gone. The girl I ate with said that I could probably make fun of what everyone else eats and be right on the money. She said that what I eat seems pretty tasty except for the fact that my smoothie was GREEN. I tried to explain to her that green is good but she’s one of the ones that eats mostly white and brown foods. The kind that have little to no nutrition. Something that I’ve learned since I have been studying such things in depth is that obesity is a sign of someone who is undernourished. They eat and eat and eat because the foods they are conSOOMing are so lacking in nutrients that they are unsatisfying.

I had best quit the schoolmarm mode and get down to the real nitty-gritty. Said smoothie was banana/mango/spinach. I also had a cucumber and some “chili”.

It was up close to 100 today if not all the way there but it felt good when I was outside the little that I was. I got in a few minutes of sun this afternoon but I didn’t have time to stay out long. If we don’t get some rain soon, all the gardens are going to dry up. I saw on the news this afternoon that some places are rationing water. Maybe it’s just as well that I only have flower boxes.

I stopped at the supermarket and got two watermelons (they are both in the fridge), some bananas, four mangos, and four avocados.

When I got home, there was a wasp flying around in the house. I went and got something to dispatch it. I was looking for the wasp and not watching where I was going and tripped. I ended up on the floor on my back with my feet in the air like some giant dead bug. I didn’t think I’d pulled anything but my left arm and leg are feeling a little tender. We’ll see how they are in the morning.

For my food, I had watermelon, a small banana/romaine smoothie, two bowls of “chili”, and half a large cucumber that someone had given me at work today. It was good but was getting close to the bitter stage. That didn’t stop me from eating the other half, too, though.

I’m feeling a little stiff in my neck. Something tells me that, since it is so late, I should hang this up and call it a night.

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