I’m having to prop my eyelids open. I was going to stay in bed until 7 because I could but I was wide awake ‘way before that so I got up. I’d read in The China Study which, I just discovered, is out in paperback as of June 1. I finished the second chapter and started on chapter 3 but turned the light off at 9:45.

When I got up, I measured and found that, even though I’ve lost four pounds in the last week, I gained a half inch in my waist. Everything else stayed the same. Go figure!

I did all of my exercises and then had some OJ. It was getting on up in the morning and the sun was threatening to get high in the sky before I could get out to take advantage of it. I changed and went out and got in an hour before I came back in. My neighbors cut the trees that shaded my spot. I can get out earlier now.

When I came in, I had my banana/pear/spinach smoothie.

I called and left voice mail to wish both my sons a Happy Father’s Day. The younger one called me back and we had a good visit.

Later in the morning, I had a tomato/lime/parsley drink. I had posted that on the forum and it blew Roger away. He had two glasses of it today. Then I had 1/4 cantaloupe.

My daughter called and we talked for I don’t know how long.

After we hung up, I had a banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie and then I got another half hour in the sun.

I called my other son and we talked briefly. They plan to go on an outing for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday so I guess I’ll miss celebrating with her. I missed her first birthday, too, but I don’t remember missing any of the rest. I’ll live. I’m sure she will, too.

I’d made a mental list of things I wanted to get done today and I did them. I did stop and eat some watermelon and then took a break and had some plums. When I finally got through, I had some tomatoes and that’s it for the day’s food.

So…I guess I have a perfect right to be sleepy. I think I’ll get ready and go to bed. I’ll upload pictures of my tomato/parsley/lime juice drink tomorrow.

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